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21 07 2016

tired as fuck right now.

Chapter, June, Page 183 of 366

29 06 2016

so today is the official half way point of the year. Kool.

Chapter, February, Page 56 of 366

24 02 2016

God I love music! Was listening to a new radio station on the i5S. Deutschrap Radio. I was hearing all sorts of stuff. Some unheard DMX. Some Wyclef. Then I heard it, Jonesmann. I’m like “damn, I’m loving this!” Added it to “my music” and BAM!

Chapter, February, Page 53 of 366

21 02 2016

Got plenty of sleep today. Got done with my route in 2 1/2 hours today! Was shocked by that. Especially for a Sunday. Hopefully I’ll hear something back this week or next from GoPro. Gonna work on some stuff tomorrow. Sleep is slipping again as far when I go to sleep.

Chapter 8, Page 234 of 365

22 08 2015

You know questions come to my mind after the discovery of something. Nothing new and nothing unexpected. I knew that she was going to be back. The question of many is this. Why? She’s in Colorado at ANOTHER lodge with the pompous bitch. Okay, BUT WHY are you looking at my blog still????? If you’re in a relationship with someone, with someone else, than why are you back to looking at my blog??? ESPECIALLY if you told me that you didn’t want shit to do with me! Not to mention the fact that you can’t seem to fathom, is why I had put this blog on lockdown back in November. The reason being YOU! The shit that you did to me that resulted in the Depression. Yet I leave Omaha, because you didn’t want to help me out. Something that YOU KELLY, WANTED! See I can’t be the problem here, when I’ve withdrawn myself from the equation. From the picture. Not only did I do so in a physical form, but also in a cyber form as well. I TOOK IT A STEP FURTHER BY LOCKING DOWN MY BLOG! I DID SO TO GET YOU OUT OF MY FUCKING LIFE! TO MAKE YOU MOVE ON! TO MOVE ON. BUT that ain’t the fucking case……


Chapter 8, Page 233 of 365

21 08 2015

Had a weird dream again. Can’t wait til March of 2016!

Chapter 8, Page 230 of 365

18 08 2015

Had a weird freaking dream and it was weird! The only thing that I remember from it, was that I was working in some type of store and that there was another cashier there too. There were some people as well.

Chapter 8, Page 228 of 365

16 08 2015

I love it how people that claim that they have a life outside of something, end up not having a life. That they claim that they can do without you, but end up not. I had this blog on lockdown for 8 1/2 months due to the Depression that I suffer from, that was caused by Kelly. Depression that is Moderately Severe Depression. The one of many types of depression that has no fix. No medical cure. The only cure for it is death. Whether it’s homicide or suicide. It comes, it goes. I’ve had thoughts of killing people. People who’ve done me wrong. People being that of Kelly, Anna , Christine, Frank, Carol, James. Their kids too. Why the kids???? So that what was done to me, won’t happen to anyone else in the future. Susan M. Bazis too. I don’t tolerate,nor will I, a wrongful conviction from a corrupt judge! I WILL NOT TOLERATE AN INJUSTICE! I will take out any and EVERYBODY that gets in my way. A baseball bat or a knife to your ass. Then a gun!

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16 08 2015

i love it when people claim that they have a life, when it turns out that they don’t. How they claim and act so hard or tough that they can do without you. But what’s funny is how these people then act when you walk out that door. When you leave their lives. I did that with Kelly and my blog. I put my blog on lockdown for 8 1/2 months. And during these 8 1/2 months, I saw how much of a bitch or cry baby that she was. She was doing this just to get attention from me. To get me to break my “silence.” To unlock my blog. The problem was and still is, is Kelly herself. She caused this shit. The whole shebang. The harassments. The jail time. The wrongful conviction. The Depression. The anger. The hatred. The paranoia. The trust issues. But I know how to solve this problem. Multiple solutions to this problem. 1.) give back the bookbag. 2.) pay me my money that I would have made had I not went to jail/prison. 3.) apologize AND give me my money AND bookbag. 4.) I kill the bitch and everyone related to her. Simple as that. Over the years I have thought about how I plan on killing her. So many different ways. So many.

Chapter 8, Page 224 of 365

12 08 2015

trying to do some stuff with my computer that’s not going well and the computer keeps crashing. 

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