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16 07 2016

See Kelly there ain’t a reason why you shouldn’t have apologized by now. None. I can’t concentrate because you don’t want to apologize for what you’ve done. It’s funny how you did a 180 since yesterday. The shit about ignoring me. So I highly suggest that you stop reading my shit. You’re not wanted here. You’re not needed here. So leave me the fuck alone. Period bitch. Because you are actually the SCUM of the EARTH. A cockroach. A parasite. A disease that no one wants at all.

Chapter 12, Page 350 of 365

16 12 2015

Got $200 in tips today!!!!! Freaking awesome. Checks, cash and a money order. $125 or more just in checks alone. Deposited all of those. So a $125 in the bank plus the $124 that’s already in there. That’s like $250 right, plus the $100 in cash that I have plus the $25 money order, that’s almost $400 dollars!!! Cool beans. 

Chapter 9, Page 271a of 365

28 09 2015

After I got today, and after seeing that one thing dealing with the loser, I went over to Facebook and scrolled down through the feed. I saw this one from Engadget I think pertaining to GoPro. That they had come out with another camera. Another entry-level camera (low-cost type). So I get all excited over this and I go over to GoPro’s website. I watch the video on it and was happy as hell. Here’s the nice thing about it. 1.) It’s only $200. That’s $70 more than the one that I was going to get. 2.) It has WiFi/Bluetooth built-in! Meaning that I can see what it’s shooting from the comfort of my iPhone! FUCK YEAH! I was sold on this! and the 3rd thing is….it comes out on the 4th of October!!! I can hold off on another week! Hell fucking yes!


12 02 2014

so I ended up spending over $200 dollars today all within an hour or so. Bought various things from various companies. I’m just that good, hahaha. I can’t wait for the stuff that I ordered to arrive now!


11 02 2014

Let’s see how much I can blow within 10 minutes. I’m thinking 200-300 dollars. I love shopping! I love getting money!! Year after year!

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