Chapter, July, Page 205 of 366

21 07 2016

tired as fuck right now.

Rule #29

21 07 2016

Always cover your ass, that includes those from the Bureau as well as from the Agencies.

Chapter: July, Page 204 of 366

20 07 2016

tired right now

Another one

20 07 2016

Twitter and the whole nine yards bitch. Have you not forgotten??? #tocatchastalker


20 07 2016

DuckDuckGo huh?????? Soon to be DuckDuckNo.

Chapter: July, Page 203 of 366

19 07 2016

Tired as hell. 

Chapter: July, Page 202 of 366

18 07 2016

it’s funny how a person accuses you of being someone for the past 20 years, yet they themselves are the ones who are that actual person. And she’s been doing it for 10 years.

Chapter: July, Page 201 of 366

17 07 2016

Some people just need a baseball bat upside their head. If that doesn’t help, then you use it upside their kid’s head.

Chapter: July, Page 200 of 366

16 07 2016

See Kelly there ain’t a reason why you shouldn’t have apologized by now. None. I can’t concentrate because you don’t want to apologize for what you’ve done. It’s funny how you did a 180 since yesterday. The shit about ignoring me. So I highly suggest that you stop reading my shit. You’re not wanted here. You’re not needed here. So leave me the fuck alone. Period bitch. Because you are actually the SCUM of the EARTH. A cockroach. A parasite. A disease that no one wants at all.

Keeping it 💯 part 3

16 07 2016

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