About VeryFine Right

VeryFine Right is my name. My stage name that is. My real name is r. Killebrew. I created the name back in the late 90’s, because of my love of music and interest in it as well. I first came up with a totally different name back in 1995. A name that was far too long and one that wouldn’t be taken serious in the music and entertainment biz. So I had to start from scratch. The first thing that came to my mind was Right. All the ladies are looking for Mr. Right. They’ve always been looking for Mr. Right. The majority of the time that they use in finding that Mr. Right, and they never do find him. Then they find out that Mr. Right had been there, right under their nose the entire time. Yet it was too late. It wasn’t until 1996 or 1997 that VeryFine came about. I got the name from none other then that of Veryfine Juice Company. At that time they had a juice that was a strawberry-banana juice in a can. It was my favorite juice. I drunk it whenever I could. Ladies are always looking for Mr. Right! I think of myself as very fine on so many levels. So that year it hit me! Veryfine Right! The utmost perfect name, or alias for me! So I changed up the spelling of very fine to that of VeryFine. Created a sweet looking signature that could be read and stand out to any and everybody that saw it. It wasn’t until 2007 that VeryFine Right really took off. First music, mostly Rap. Then I also decided to take up Romance at the same time, to further the reputation of being VeryFine Right. Wrote numerous pieces and posted them online, on MySpace. Continued to move back and forth between the music and Romance writings. Then 2008 came. An ordeal that happened that year, that threw me off of everything that I had worked very hard for throughout the years. My dreams, my name, everything! A woman whom I had wrote several Romantic pieces about, chose to screw up my life by any means necessary. Even if it might meant lying to any and everyone that would listen. That in turn took 10 months from my life and tarnished my name quite dearly. An Injustice had taken place because of her. I vowed and still do, to seek Justice against her and others tied to screwing up my life and my name. I decided to put the Romance on hold indefinitely, because of this event, because of this woman. Now I’ve been writing lyrics and remixes. Lyrics pertaining to that event and the aftermath of it. I found another woman during that period. A woman whom I feel that I could have that magic return to me. The good thing is, I know that she’s single, compared to the other chick. So I shouldn’t have a problem with the Seduction. Hopefully within the next year, I’ll be able to balance the Romance and the music. Stayed tuned to my journey down this path, and let’s see what happens!

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