Chapter: July, Page 192 of 366

8 07 2016

got a swollen area on the right side of my mouth. Feels like I got socked in the jaw in a bar fight. Bleeding though has stopped. There is some pain or acheage in that same area. I will never have a prescription filled at a Walmart ever again. I’m told that it’d be 15 minutes. I leave and come back in like 20 minutes. “Prescription still in filling”, it’ll be ready in 21 minutes. I come back in 40 minutes and it’s still not done! What the fuck???! I hear the pharmacist mutter that she’s only one person. I’m thinking to myself, “So!” “I’m told all this time frames and it’s still not ready!” There ain’t no excuses for that shit. Next time I’ll go to Kroger or Walgreen’s.



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