240 years

4 07 2016

Wow, it’s been an epic 240 years since independence was declared. And it’s lasted that long! and counting. Although there are some Americans here who don’t understand any of the rights that our forefathers declared for the United States of America. The Right to Life. The Right to Liberty. The Right to the Pursuit of Happiness. These alone are just the tip of the massive iceberg that is called Rights: Of an American. When you infringe of these 3 main ones or any of the other ones, than you are not American by any means. That you can be treated as a threat to the happiness of the American people.

Happy Birthday America.


And as for those who fucked me outta my Rights, I’m coming for you. Yes you! Doesn’t matter whether or not you hide behind a gavel, a badge and a gun, or lies. I will come after you. And I will have 13 strong behind me. Justice Cometh.




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