kelly part 2

29 06 2016

each one of your kids will get a bullet to their brain.

your father will die of a shotgun blast to the head, blow his head clean off, inside of his home; in front of your mom. To which I will literally shit down his fucking throat, I’ll make sure it’s a good one too!

I’ll kill your mom next. Might be two shots. One to the stomach, the other one to the head.

Let’s see here Christine. Hmmmm. I’d kill her daughter in front of her, then I’d take Christine somewhere, have her chained??? (correct terminology for what I’m thinking of?) And just let her stand there.

Your boyfriend Jason. Ohh I just thought about this, this morning. I would go to California, pay a visit to his mother, have her call him up and while he’s on the phone kill her! then I’d send him the photos of the aftermath.

Then I’d come back to Omaha, pay him a visit. Pepper spray him, beat him to a pulp, then chain his ass up and give him some concrete shoes, then after that I’d drive up the Gerald Ford Freeway and dump his body into the Missouri River…..



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