28 06 2016

Do you know how many different ways I’ve thought about killing you????? A lot.

1.) Bullet to the brain
2.) baseball bat to the head
3.) knife to the heart, then to the throat. (you can thank the double Dundee homicide of 2008 for that)
4.) crucify ya right beside that store
5.) crucify ya AND set your body on fire
6.) beat you with a baseball bat, shoot you in the head then set your body ablaze
7.) hang you from the railing right beside your store
8.) come to your house at night, choke you with one of my legs, inflict bodily damage to both of your eyes or before inflicting bodily harm, pepper spray your eyes till I run out of pepper spray then beat your ass, THEN set you ablaze.
9.) concrete shoes
10.) beat you with a tire iron
11.) kitchen knives
12.) anti-freeze in the water or milk. (you can thank Reader’s Digest for that)
13.) hang you from that pedestrian bridge that links Omaha to Council Bluffs

sucks doesn’t it????



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