Chapter: June, Page 182 of 366

28 06 2016

I wonder when it starts getting tiresome for someone to hear, to see the insane amounts of hatred towards them. It just has to be! A person wants to kill you (your kids, your siblings, your parents, boyfriend, nephews and nieces) for what you did to them. For what you continue to do to them. And you think that it’s a fucking joke! NO THE FUCK IT’S NOT! The bitch ain’t explained herself to anyone as to why the fuck she did it, but it’s okay to see me fucked up. It’s okay to harass me throughout the years. It’s okay to stalk me whether online or in person. But when I want the shit to stop. NOPE! When I want my life back. NOPE! When I want answers to these questions. NOPE! But it’s okay for everyone but me??! NOPE! So fuck yall.



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