Matt Hansen

23 06 2016

“The first and most promising, to Scalora, stems from this fact: In nearly every case of mass violence in American history, the person or people who committed that violence told someone beforehand.”

Unfortunately to that of Dr. Scalora, his assessment of these cases is wrong. Scalora is grasping at straws here to provide an answer to a general question about the behavior of individuals and their behavior that he cannot seem to understand nor figure out. Did the Unibomber tell anyone beforehand???? Did the Aurora Colorado shooter tell anyone beforehand???? Va. Tech Shooter????? Von Maur Shooter?????? Sandy Hook????? Mall shootings???? Workplace shootings????? Dr. Scalora, as it is indicated by his thought process, does not have the complete information to all of these occurrences. He like all other doctors and L.E.O.s haven’t been able to properly identify the traits or the signs of someone who is going to commit an action to that of others. If you want to prevent these actions from happening, you have to get into the minds of these individuals. You have to become that individual.

The F.B.I. knew about the Orlando shooter. They interviewed him on a couple of different occasions. But they didn’t do anything. They didn’t red flag him across the board. Something that would have prevented up to a certain degree him getting another weapon. Why didn’t the F.B.I. do this???? Maybe they wanted this to happen.

What these people (Dr. Scalora, other doctors, and LEOs) don’t understand is 100% of crimes committed is due to provocation. Why did this person(s) do it?? What made them do it???? What were they thinking????
Why did this person steal????
Why did this person rape????
Why did this person murder????
Why did this person attack????
Why is this person now in jail?????
Why is this person now dead??????

What these doctors and experts will say is that this is too much information to process. This is the same reason/thoughts that deals with the Judicial System. But when we do decide to bring forth all of this information that was pushed to the side, then these questions are finally answered. This could be days, months, years later. Hence the ever-growing size and presence of The Innocence Project.

These doctors and experts want the Cliff Notes to all of these cases/incidents/problems. This is not a t.v. show where the case is solved within an hour. Or you have your answers within an hour. This isn’t Lenscrafters. So………..







How do you catch a psycho????……
How do you catch a Joker????……..







With another psychopath.
With a Batman.



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