23 06 2016

See Kelly Newell’s primary intention is to start a problem. To make me mad. To anger me. To make me jealous. To provoke me so that I would come after others and that she could then say that she the “victim” was right all along in the fact that I was a threat. That I was going to kill someone. To kill people. So that she could have the say that she knew that this was coming. The “victim” is not the real victim but the actual perpetrator in all of this. BUT, this is what happens when you’re me. You figure this shit out and you start planning shit. You start planning things on two different levels. Two different sides. The one side you let people see or know, while the other side you don’t show anyone. Do you show the real side while planning a fake side??? Or do you show a fake side while planning a real side???? So the question is this…..What side am I showing?????



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