Chapter: June, Page 184 of 366

30 06 2016


Chapter, June, Page 183 of 366

29 06 2016

so today is the official half way point of the year. Kool.

kelly part 2

29 06 2016

each one of your kids will get a bullet to their brain.

your father will die of a shotgun blast to the head, blow his head clean off, inside of his home; in front of your mom. To which I will literally shit down his fucking throat, I’ll make sure it’s a good one too!

I’ll kill your mom next. Might be two shots. One to the stomach, the other one to the head.

Let’s see here Christine. Hmmmm. I’d kill her daughter in front of her, then I’d take Christine somewhere, have her chained??? (correct terminology for what I’m thinking of?) And just let her stand there.

Your boyfriend Jason. Ohh I just thought about this, this morning. I would go to California, pay a visit to his mother, have her call him up and while he’s on the phone kill her! then I’d send him the photos of the aftermath.

Then I’d come back to Omaha, pay him a visit. Pepper spray him, beat him to a pulp, then chain his ass up and give him some concrete shoes, then after that I’d drive up the Gerald Ford Freeway and dump his body into the Missouri River…..


29 06 2016

so you know where I live, but you still have yet to send the $800 that you owe me. Okay. I know where you live. If you were to get a tiny house, I would still find that. So here’s what’s going to happen, I don’t get my money in 30 days I will come to Denver and I will kill your son in front of you, then I will kill you afterwards. After that I’ll be making a visit to retired Detective Chavez, and I plan on doing the same thing to him.

Chapter: June, Page 182 of 366

28 06 2016

I wonder when it starts getting tiresome for someone to hear, to see the insane amounts of hatred towards them. It just has to be! A person wants to kill you (your kids, your siblings, your parents, boyfriend, nephews and nieces) for what you did to them. For what you continue to do to them. And you think that it’s a fucking joke! NO THE FUCK IT’S NOT! The bitch ain’t explained herself to anyone as to why the fuck she did it, but it’s okay to see me fucked up. It’s okay to harass me throughout the years. It’s okay to stalk me whether online or in person. But when I want the shit to stop. NOPE! When I want my life back. NOPE! When I want answers to these questions. NOPE! But it’s okay for everyone but me??! NOPE! So fuck yall.


28 06 2016

Do you know how many different ways I’ve thought about killing you????? A lot.

1.) Bullet to the brain
2.) baseball bat to the head
3.) knife to the heart, then to the throat. (you can thank the double Dundee homicide of 2008 for that)
4.) crucify ya right beside that store
5.) crucify ya AND set your body on fire
6.) beat you with a baseball bat, shoot you in the head then set your body ablaze
7.) hang you from the railing right beside your store
8.) come to your house at night, choke you with one of my legs, inflict bodily damage to both of your eyes or before inflicting bodily harm, pepper spray your eyes till I run out of pepper spray then beat your ass, THEN set you ablaze.
9.) concrete shoes
10.) beat you with a tire iron
11.) kitchen knives
12.) anti-freeze in the water or milk. (you can thank Reader’s Digest for that)
13.) hang you from that pedestrian bridge that links Omaha to Council Bluffs

sucks doesn’t it????

28 06 2016

Concrete shoes. Didn’t think about that until this morning. I’ll have to add that to the list of potential ways to kill Kelly. And her so-called boyfriend Jason Meyer. Here’s a thought for yall. Never give a person ideas to use, especially when they have plans to kill you. #stupidasfuck

Chapter: June, Page 181 of 366

27 06 2016

can’t think right now

Chapter: June, Page 180 of 366

26 06 2016

created about 6 tracks yesterday. the other day I created one track that ended up being 8 different tracks.


26 06 2016

so somebody is going be pregnant with another child within the next 6 months. Sucks for them. #K.o.S.

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