Chapter: April, Page 117 of 366

24 04 2016

You know you’re the shit when you have Princeton looking at your shit.


I don’t hear shit through the grapevine/don’t hear shit from a pair of twins/don’t hear how their material is being used in schools/OOOhhhhhh/For this One Time!/I’m the One and Oooonnnnnllllyyyyy/So sorry if yall ain’t cool/nobody gives a fuck about two played out bitches/nobody cares……about being a tightwad/nobody cares about a mother who has turn tricks cause she can’t get her life together/One Time!/Has to run to her father to buy a house, cause she ain’t got the money/But she got money to go skiing at a Copper resort with a john/She has to resort to the lies/tries to get people to believe her/Butcha gotta look in her eyes while hearing her voice to decipher the lies/Fucked up not one but two men’s lives/Now look at her……



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