To William Shakespeare

23 04 2016

From one writer to another, thank you for being you. Thank you for being a man who knew how to write. A man none other than that. Happy Birthday Great Sir! I sir!, have only been able to have been bequeathed by another, such a GREAT piece out of many by that of you dear sir! Have I forgotten about thee???? No! I sir!, have had other things come about that have taken the thought of one’s works from that of my vast mind! For this sir, I apologize out of respect for ye! I will say this though sir, that I will make a writing of shorts so that I can read up on your works. Just give me that of time so that I may be minded to do so at strike of that hand whether it’s in the brightest of days, or darkest of hours! I thank you sir for taking the smallest of one’s time to read a letter a-dressed to thee. I thank thee for blessing those around with these greatness! And if I everth achieve the same honors to that of thee, then I will knowth what it is liketh to the of a one by the name of Shakespeare! William Shakespeare!



Good Day Sir!



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