I Got

21 04 2016

One Time!

I got bitches afraid to cross lines/afraid to fuck with me/’fraid to fuck with VeryFine/Doin’ this/’ surprised that I ain’t seen stalker’s ops/cuz they’d know what would happen /that they’d get fuckin’ dropped/Cuz I got these bitches, that they just don’t wanna fuckin’ stop/and me????/I’m at a place that they tryin’ to get to……/the very top…….of this game/One Time!/don’t forget the name/Don’t forget how much fame….that I’ve got/’ Time!/Got bitches lyin’/got them trippin’ too much/tryin’ any and everything…..to get attention, from that of me/to tryin’ to takeover my PC’s/to my phones/going to the extreme by appearin’ on tv/Bitch please/For this One Time/I’m the One and Only/VeryFine

I’m internationally known/I’m viewed in more homes, than that episode that you appeared on/only the U.S. and B.B.C. saw you, if that/I got U.S. citizens and Canadian hams/lovin’ me/Doin’ this anytime that they can/On down to Central Americans to South America/Got people in Amazon lovin’ me/Both of those/don’t hate/Got bitches looking at my shit/ones that sell clothes/I got Africans to Saudis/lookin’ at my shit, while cruisin’ through the sands/One Time!/

Got Pakistanis to Indians/cuttin’ hair to sippin’ tea/discussin’ my next hits/Don’tcha see?!/One Time/I got this one chick/from Malaysia/She likes to draw in notebooks while hopping across seas/shows love every now and then to me/Doin’ this, what can I say???!/Got Aussies and Asians/wonderin’, from time to time/on what I got planned/Ooooooohhhhhh/Russians to Europeans, all showin’ love/none gettin’ ugly, none gettin’ mean/Got Brits to the Scots, askin’ questions/askin’ if I would like cream in my tea/Nahhhh just one pack of Sweet ‘n Low/Tall glass, with plenty of ice/then I gotta go/Thank you for being so damn nice/For this One Time!



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