See Detective…… continued

18 04 2016

Two weeks have just about passed when I call Kelly for a favor

she refuses to loan me the money that I needed to get my landlord off of my ass

said that it was Karma.

I was confused by this.

I continue working, trying to pay off my debt

It’s April now

I’m doing a hotel gig on South 72nd by the interstate

I’m having to provide security (through Labor Ready) at night because the hotel is being renovated to a fresher look and because the building has parts that are wide open

That lasts for a month or so

It had some perks to it

4500 packets of Sweet ‘n Low

A Queen size comforter

a great freaking pillow that retains its shape

I get let go from the gig because the boss claimed I took money

that wasn’t true

It was because I was on a computer, checking out my MySpace profiles and he saw me

Monica didn’t believe the stolen money excuse

told the fucker that I was one of the few that she could trust with her purse and all

It’s April the 15th or so

I go down to City Hall to get some quarters for the payphone in my building

I’m walking back to my place

I get to 20th and Harney when I see her


She’s in her white Toyota pickup truck

She turns onto Harney Street

I see go into the parking garage right across from City Hall

I’m curious about this

I want to double back and talk to her

but I don’t

Within a day or two I get hit with another protection order

I’m confused as fuck by this

(what the hell is it this time??)

I look to see what was included

(Oh Jesus Christ, are you kidding me??!)


I go down to the Hall of Justice to get copies of all of the protection orders that she’s gotten against me

That’s when I see it

January 31st 2013, the same day that I called her

She had petitioned the courts for a protection order and it was denied.

Reason: Judge Bataillon

He doesn’t play when it comes to the law

Then I see that there was another one in March


that woman has problems

she tries using anything and everything to try and paint me as a violent individual

Right before I saw her in April, she had visited my blog and made well over 100 views or more

turns out she was printing out my blog pieces

that pissed me off

I tell her on the blog here, that she needs to put on her big girl pants when dealing with me

I get off of work that day and I’m tired as fuck

but I did manage to go to court

The judge pisses me off about the writings

not long afterwards Kelly posts this picture on her Instagram…….

















I’m pissed of by this shit

I tell her that she needs to take it down

she doesn’t

It’s the middle of May now

I get told that flagging has started.

That I’ve got a job up on 72nd

by the country club

I’m happy about it

I decide to write a piece and post it here on WordPress

but I don’t give the exact location as to where on 72nd it’s at.


I do the flagging and…..


But I’m sorry Detective but that’s where Rule #26 comes into play

I lose my place

I spend about 2 -3 weeks living on the streets

had another bookbag stolen from me during that time

had 911 called on me cause some woman thought that I was a dead person


It’s June or July now

I’m on a bus going back home

going back to the Commonwealth of Virginia

just like she said to do

the bouts of anger continued and still does

the Depression got worse each and every time that I applied for a job

so I quit trying

then I came across the newspaper delivery job

March 7th 2016 was coming quickly

but then so was the Depression

and this time it would be much more worse

I would have Depression whether I left the newspaper job or not

that was guaranteed no matter what

My happiness was taken from me for what???!

That is the fucking question that I’ve been asking myself all these years




See I also remember the majority of the contents that was in that bookbag

2 Five Star 5 subject notebooks

some pens and pencils

a bottle of cologne (Brut Revolution)

a Sony CD Walkman

Sony headphones

5-6 pairs of socks (worn) some white, some black

a Hooters t-shirt (black, Newport News, Va. location I think)

1 pair of underwear

1 CD holder book 50 disc capacity

1 Jabra bluetooth headset

1 bottle of water (blue bottle)

A bookbag that has my DNA as well as my handwriting

two important things that a person would need to frame someone for a crime.



I should be working on getting my 12th book published by now

I should have at least 2 movies made from my books by now

But I don’t

I don’t drink because I can’t afford to nor choose to do so

I don’t date nor try because I don’t trust anyone anymore, and because I don’t have money to do so















Tell me Detective why is Kelly Newell’s Facebook profile name Kelly Valentine?????

here’s one possible explanation….. count the letters in Valentine

count the letters in Killebrew

Rule #26!













On September 25th 2009 Kelly had changed her Facebook profile pic to a girl in front of a table with Happy Birthday behind it…….6212_1205648299239_1169594413_30620175_1837168_n

Her birthday is August 28th

Her ex-husband’s is early August

Her daughter’s is sometime in the spring or summer time

Her sister Christine’s birthday is in June

Her brother’s is in January

So whose birthday is it that could be in September

right around the time of the 25th……………..







September 28th

that picture up above, was her profile pic from September 25th 2009 to September 29th 2009

and then it was changed to something else

Why would she be wishing me a Happy Birthday when she despised me????

Hated me????

Scared of me????

Doesn’t make sense, does it???



then there’s this……







this was saved to her board back in October 2015. Notice the letter “R”?????

Who could this be??????? This can’t be for me can it???? Nah! Most be those delusions again. The only problem though is this……..her boyfriend’s name is Mark S. Austin

So who is this “R” person (I just made you sound like a pirate! lol) that she is referring to????? Oh wait, that would be me! “R”ichard Killebrew.

When this was posted she had consulted her sister Christine beforehand. Why???


It’s also funny how Kelly Killebrew just goes together. Hell that’s what Judge Bataillon thought when he mistaken referred to Kelly as “Ms. Killebrew.” before correcting himself. And me as “Mr. Newell.” before correcting himself again. This wasn’t done intentionally or done as an example to paint a picture. It just happened.


I expect these 4 things to be completed by Kelly Newell. If not then it’s on with the lawsuits.


1.) My bookbag
2.) an apology from that bitch, in person; face to face
3.) my record wiped clean completely and all rights restored no if/ands/or buts about it
4.) and $216,000 being that that’s what that bitch has cost me in job earnings ALONE! That doesn’t include overtime, holiday pay, raises or anything else relating to a job.
that’s $90 a day times 300 working days in a year times 8 years.


After April of this year that $216,000 will continue to increase every month.

another thing to think about or to keep in mind Detective is this


If she says that she doesn’t have the bookbag, then there’s a great possibility that she’s lying. And the reason’s for such is as folllows

1.) Having a souvenir in case I get famous

2.) Having a souvenir to complete her shrine of me (whether or not I become famous) (Stalker perspective)

3.) maintaining the same excuse as to not having the bookbag so that she could use it as leverage against me, to get her way.


And she and her family (sisters, brother, parents, kids and so forth) as well as anybody that currently/used to work for her, not continue reading my blog.



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