a weird dream

17 04 2016

just woke up a few minutes ago from a weird dream

I’m in a silver car, Ford or Chevy, the car is running. It’s overcast. I’m not in the driveway. I’m in the grass. The house is white. I know this house. I use to live here. It wasn’t white at first, but a tan or beige color. There use to be a porch on the front. Now there’s not. The front of the house has a contemporary look to it. I go over to the left of the house. To the side garage door. I don’t know why I’m doing this, but I am. I go to deliver a newspaper. Why??? I no longer do that job. I hesitate in placing the paper on the workbench by the door. Finally I do. I don’t hear anything. I’m back to being in front of the house. The front door is open, but the opening is bigger than the door itself. Hmmm?!…..



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