See Detective…… continued

14 04 2016

the court date was for a Monday if I recall

I had Railroad flagging coming up

and I was broke

I was told by Omni that they’d be flagging in the South 72nd and L Street area on that very same Monday

I told Monica that I was coming in to do that flagging

She asked if the court matter would fuck me up

I told her no

Besides I had to look at this way

I go to court, there’s 50/50 chance that it gets granted

I do the flagging, that’s $200-300 for the day

You do the math on that Detective

Would you have missed out on that money or not???

Didn’t care about Kelly (still don’t)

That day came and went

the best part?????

I was on tv!

WOWT Channel 6

That was awesome that day

Days go by

a letter from the courts comes

I open it

instead of starting from the date that I received the notice, the courts continued the order from when Kelly had gotten it.

so I only had to deal with it for 6 months

I laughed at the fact that Kelly wasn’t given the satisfaction of seeing me.





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