Chapter: April, Page 107 of 366

14 04 2016

another hate/anger bout today. It’s a bitch when you’ve had to deal with this shit for the past several years. Didn’t get much sleep today. Kept waking up every hour or two. Thinking about getting Denver P.D. involved. That shit with “Gerri” still pisses me off. “You need to get treated and move on.” Bitch you don’t understand shit. See I’ve been trying for closure for quite some fucking time. And I have yet to get it! And you can blame that shit on Kelly Newell

Because when this investigation is complete in Omaha I will have four things in the end.

1.) My bookbag
2.) an apology from that bitch, in person; face to face
3.) my record wiped clean completely and all rights restored no if/ands/or buts about it
4.) and $216,000 being that that’s what that bitch has cost me in job earnings ALONE! That doesn’t include overtime, holiday pay, raises or anything else relating to a job.
that’s $90 a day times 300 working days in a year times 8 years

and then after that, that bitch will never look at my blog ever again. Her or anyone in her family.



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