you know Detective

12 04 2016

You know Detective I don’t play fucking games and for you to stray like you’ve done recently, well that pisses me the fuck off. It’s cops like you that people don’t trust when you go about changing shit up. When people come to this blog to read, I don’t give a fuck on who they are. I like getting hits from all over the world. I love that shit. But when I get hits from Omaha. Denver. Lincoln. or Newport News, then I’m going to see who the fuck it is and why the fuck they’re looking at my blog. ESPECIALLY WHEN I’VE TOLD THEM TIME AND TIME AGAIN TO FUCKING STOP! BECAUSE I KNOW WHAT MY FAMILY USES FOR AN INTERNET PROVIDER. I KNOW THE OPERATING SYSTEM. I DON’T PLAY FUCKING GAMES WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE IN CAHOOTS WITH THE STALKER HER FAMILY MEMBERS!




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13 04 2016

God, whatever mental illness you’ve been suffering for years and keeps expressing itself on this blog, please get it looked at. It pops up every now and then in my WordPress feed, and I always know it will be you, railing on in all caps about something that pissed you off, what, five years ago. Let it go, get a diagnosis, get some treatment, and move on.

13 04 2016

Well Gerri, (which I doubt is your name) you could always look at the blog FIRST before making a comment that implies that you are vaguely aware of what is going on in my life. Mental illness???? As in singular??? No. SUPPOSEDLY and I mean supposedly I suffer from more than 1 type of mental illness. I do know that I actually suffer from two. A.D.D. and Depression. BUT you would know that “Gerri” if you read my blog. You would also know that I suffer from the Depression and/or have suffered from Depression for the last several years (since 2009) due to Kelly. Before going to jail/prison, I didn’t have a problem getting a job. Back then, all I had to worry about was the A.D.D. and ohhhhhhh shiny! lol. That was the only mental illness that I had to worry about. But then I got to jail, all because of some bitch’s plan to have me “diagnosed” as having some other type(s) of mental illness to serve as a cause or factor in her grand scheme of who knows what, and you want me to move on???? It really sucks being a woman doesn’t it?????? “Gerri” is a female version of Jerry. Not bad either for someone with a disposable email address too, GERRI.

You would also know GERRI, if you read the blog you would also know that because of this woman’s grand scheme, I can’t get a regular job anymore. A job that requires the employer to do a background check. Maybe GERRI, you need to read up on what I’ve written about in the last week to have a better understanding of EVERYTHING that I’m going through right at this moment, before you continue to make an ass out of yourself!


You also need to update your Firefox to the latest version. Last time I used Windows XP was 10 years ago. It’s been 15 years since that OS came out.

Here’s something else. If you were the MAIN cause of my problems, mental and financial and I told you to stop reading my blog, would you stop, or would you continue knowing that, you were the problem from the start and still are, you’re pissing me off. That you’re just making the condition worse for me and everyone.

So GERRI what would you do????? I would love to get your feedback on this. Please hit back.

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