See Detective…… continued

11 04 2016

It’s 2011

Last year was a great year so far.

bought my very first Apple product

an Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation 64gb

went to Target in September and bought it for $400

I was hoping to get a Target gift card, but that wasn’t the case

I made sure to hold onto that thing while on the bus

I remember when I went to get it, that there was this 13-year-old boy who was trying to get the Target Associate to give him the 16gb one. Saying that his Grandmother was buying it for him. I stood patiently behind them waiting for my turn.

The Associate asked what he could due for me and I told him that I wanted to by an iPod Touch, the one with dual cameras and that it was the 64gb one.

I get home, open it up and that thing is beautiful!

All from doing a flagging job that started in August and usually ends in December. The flagging season is usually April or May all the way up to December

A company called Omni that now goes by Old Castle

I’m doing Railroad flagging with this one company and BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe)

We’re told that the Feds are about to let loose the floodgates up north

We have to maintain a presence at the crossings from Jefferson City Missouri all the way up to Omaha.

We make our way up north along the rail line

It’s May now

We’re in Plattsmouth

Just south of the Platte

The floodgates have already been opened

the crossing that we’re manning has already got water north of it.

the area residents tried building a dam to stop the water

but it broke

there was one house that became an island

That was also the month that the Killebrew name suffered a blow or loss.

The death of Harmon Killebrew

It was also around this time that my father was taken to the hospital due to shortness of breath

in 2011 it meant that he had smoked for well over 31 years

longer than I had been on this Earth

They put him into a coma to clean out his lungs

One was damn near maxed out

he had a small outcome

they had to strap in down due to his stubbornness of being in a hospital

It sucked when I wanted to pick up the phone and call him and just talk but……

BAM! it hits me, I can’t cause he’s in hospital

Had to deal with this for well over a month

It’s summer now

a hot one at that

I’m working at Oriental Trading Company

in the back (north side) on the receiving side

I’m in the containers throwing the merchandise off the container

not bad

it’s a bitch when you have a small box that weighs a ton

It’s 4th of July week, 2011

Oriental Trading is screwing with our hours

one it’ll be a full 8

the next 4 hours

back and forth

they were hiring a ton of people to fill these spots that me and others for there for

One of the supervisors was impressed by me and another guy’s work ethnics

they wanted to hire us, but we didn’t have car and they’re out in LaVista

he said that he’d see what he could do

nothing came to fruition

A week later the relationship between the two came to a close

Labor Ready cut ties to Oriental for this purpose

Right around this time or so is when I found out……….






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