See Detective…… continued

10 04 2016

November 2010

It’s the end of November.

Monica wants me to do a job on Offutt AFB.

She asks me if I’ll be able to get on to the base

I never had a problem getting onto any military base

She runs a background even though she was there the day that I got arrested at Labor Ready

I still have the one spot on the record, nothing new, nothing more

It’s a roofing company

It’s the STRATCOM building


Security is tight

once you step into the front door, you have to be dark

no cell phones on

no electronics on

I think you couldn’t even have electronics on you when going through the building

We get escorted throughout the building

cameras everywhere

combination locks on every door

we go through an open air courtyard.

we climb a scaffolding ladder setup

we’re on top

I try not to get close to the edge

have a fear of falling off of buildings

do this for like a couple of days

Get home

check my email

I’ve got an email from Anna Newell


(what the hell??)

“I have a new email address. It is Please send future emails to that address as I will be phasing this one out soon.”


That email was sent on 11/25/2010 at 7:27am

I get another one from her on 11/27/2010 at 2:56pm

I get a third one from her on 11/28/2010 at 3:53pm

supposedly it’s an automatically generated reply

But it’s addressed to VeryFine Right at my MSN email

I don’t have VeryFine Right stuff coming to my MSN email

When I got the first email from her I noticed that somebody had sent out emails from my MSN account using the VeryFine Right name

I don’t conduct business nor emails under that name, under that email address

I had to send out the following email to everyone

“If anyone received an email from me, that was junk, THAT WAS NOT ME! One of these emails was sent on Thanksgiving Day. I was not online, on ANY device of mine. I received 2 junk emails from myself on this day, which means that I’ll be changing my password for over 50 accounts in my name soon. I’ll keep everyone updated on the results. I shouldva seen this coming because someone has access to one of my MySpace profiles.”

On November 25th 2010 I was on top of STRATCOM, on Offutt AFB the whole day, so there wasn’t anyway to send the email from “Me” out to anyone.

Needless to say I ended up having to change the password to that account as well as to others.






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