Chapter: April, Page 123 of 366

30 04 2016

some people just don’t fucking listen nor have a fucking life. #stalker

Chapter: April, Page 122 of 366

29 04 2016

busy right now. I see that we’ve got through the first 3rd of the year.

U with Me?

29 04 2016

“What these bitches want from a nigga??!”

Listenin’ to some Drake listenin’ to some DMX/while cruisin’ around the city at night/got the raindrops rollin’ off the windshield/as my feelings roll about/tryin’ to get tight/Damn!/Streetlights running by/as the air in the air, stands by/Doin’ this shit, how that feeling is one that I enjoy/For this One Time!

Chapter: April, Page 121 of 366

28 04 2016

Played some Rocket League today. Had a losing streak for a good part of the session.

National Superhero Day

28 04 2016

So today is National Superhero Day. Gotta give a shout-out or a mention to the Superhero that I created, Night Angel. The baddest vigilante that anyone has seen or heard of. But props to the ones that help mold that of Night Angel. Superman and Batman. Especially Batman.

Chapter: April, Page 120 of 366

27 04 2016

Doesn’t help when you take a nap and now you can’t fall asleep. Why me??! Oh well I guess I’ll stay up for an hour or so and do some video editing. I also blame this meatloaf that I had for dinner.


A work in progress

27 04 2016

I’ve got a long ways to go with this channel!

426 day

26 04 2016

13103372_10204837289126646_476229241728717130_nAhhh yes it was National Hemi Day today. A great day to have a 426 Hemi engine. The baddest engine on the planet. A Legend.

Chapter: April, Page 119 of 366

26 04 2016

busy editing a video for the PsychicNut channel.


Chapter: April, Page 118 of 366

25 04 2016

weird dreams today. really fucking weird dreams today.

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