I smell bacon

30 03 2016

Hello Detectives, I see you’ve been enjoying the brief, but brisk AND mildly refreshing blog posts of mine on here. Only problem with that is that there are 2680 posts here. Only 582 that are viewable. (The other ones don’t have anything to do with my Depression or that of Kelly Newell) Majority of those are the ones that I wanted and needed people to see. People like you. See I knew that this was coming, months if not a year beforehand. I can see things like that. You’re going to need to go over to the Hall of Justice and get in contact with the Honorable Peter C. Bataillon’s clerk to get a transcript of Doc: 1077, Page 265. before you try to do anything. What’s so special about this transcript????? Motivation. BUT not for who you think or to who you think or whatever. But you’re going to need to get a copy of that before you even THINK OF NAILING MY ASS OR TRYING TO NAIL MY ASS! Rule# 29, Rule# 18, Rule# 34.


Oh and one more thing too Detective, you’re wasting your time. Because the City/County/State will not be able to get a conviction off on me. I know what lies in the future. Sorry if that pisses you off, but I figured I’d let you know before you get to that part of this situation.



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