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29 02 2016

almost 100 hits this month. Can’t complain too much about that. Ran across some great music today, and just now. Some Brian McKnight just now. Thinking about buying another computer. A Raspberry Pi 3. We’ll see.

Leap Day

29 02 2016

Today is Leap Day. For some it’s a birthday that only occurs every 4 years. Talk about longevity! Not to mention the whole can’t buy alcohol and cigarettes til you’re 18 and 21. That’s a long time! Does that mean that those people don’t age as fast???? Don’t know. But it feels great for today. For a rare day.

Chapter: February, Page 60 of 366

28 02 2016

I really gotta quit playing video games before I go to bed! That shit is fucking with my dreams! The settings (place) and/or graphics of the dreams. Still rocking the whole Deutsch Rap thingy. So many songs!

Chapter: February, Page 59 of 366

27 02 2016

Man the sheer amount of detail a person has in their dreams is so damn unbelievable, it’s freaking crazy! Just woke up (didn’t want to! the sleep felt great! and the dream), and I’ve been trying to get the sleep thingy back on track. Which isn’t easy. Sometimes it is, sometimes it’s not. It’s not easy right now.

Chapter: February, Page 58 of 366

26 02 2016

Man I can’t wait to get my sleep back on track. I guess this upcoming week, we will see what happens with this job. Other than that, ain’t much that was done productively today.

Chapter: February, Page 57 of 366

25 02 2016

Had this freaking weird ass nightmare, although it didn’t feel like a nightmare, where there was an alien invasion. I’m driving (I think) down a street, the clouds are grey like it’s about to rain, I see this “military” vehicle fly by. Not a jet, not a helicopter; it’s like a Harrier but bigger and more boxier. (when I mean Harrier, I mean it can turn n a dime in VTOL mode) and that’s what this thing was doing; flying in VTOL mode and shooting machine guns at no particular targets. Then this other vehicle, which also has VTOL as well, gives chase. This one is military. U.S. military. This one looks different (I really need to stop playing Grand Theft Auto Online), it looks like a Mi-24D/V but with bigger missile launchers on the sides and one big ass missile launcher underneath it! It fires a few missiles after this other VTOL and gives chase to it……

38 months

25 02 2016

Another month has come and gone and I’m still smoke free. And there are times that I am broke too. Right now I’m still trying to get over this sore throat that I think was caused by smoke or nicotine. The other day when I was replacing stuff in the HHR, I had to go into the garage which is where my father and sister go to smoke. I use to do it there too when I smoked. The garage door is no longer white, but orange. Same thing with some of the walls. Orangish from the nicotine. I come inside the house after looking for tools and I can smell a faint hint of nicotine on me, from moving things around, stirring up the dust and dirt that has nicotine in it. So more than likely this is the reason for my sore throat. It makes me think of how many people I affected when I smoked cigarettes. How people could smell not only the smoke, but the nicotine. How people felt sick by it.

Chapter, February, Page 56 of 366

24 02 2016

God I love music! Was listening to a new radio station on the i5S. Deutschrap Radio. I was hearing all sorts of stuff. Some unheard DMX. Some Wyclef. Then I heard it, Jonesmann. I’m like “damn, I’m loving this!” Added it to “my music” and BAM!

Warum bin ich hier

24 02 2016


Chapter: February, Page 55 of 366

23 02 2016

Seems that the stalker just doesn’t quit. Tumblr, check. i5, check. Viewed blog, check. She just has problems. Other than that, I got a couple of things ordered. Gotta order more stuff.

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