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31 12 2015


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31 12 2015


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31 12 2015


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31 12 2015


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31 12 2015


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31 12 2015

2015Impressed by how many hits I got today alone. 37. 28 visitors. Looks like I had the Meteorologist visit me today. Did some minute searching today for info on Andrea Constand. A Massage Therapist. Thanks for the music Andrea. But you fucked yourself by reopening this case. You can now be officially sued by Bill Cosby. Cheers bitch!great_gatsby






It was a great year. And like I said in another post today, it could’ve been longer. I blame myself for that, because had I not taken this job; had not said “oh! newspaper carrier?! I could do that!”, we would probably still be in the summer time frame of mind. “Whaaaaaa?????” “Is he saying that he can control time????”  Yes that’s what I’m saying. I can control time, weather and some other things as well. “Charles Xavier!!!!!!!!” Ehhhhhhhhh I’m a DC kinda guy. Who does DC have that has this gift/curse that’s a guy??? So in the upcoming months, we will see what path I go down.

Now I need to figure out what I’m going to use to title my daily entries for the next year. Same thing or different???? Don’t know.






31 12 2015

2015-12-06 14.41.31-12/06/2015


What does this one look like Kelly????? Hmmmmmmm………..FREAKY!

Goodbye 2015

31 12 2015

2015I wish this year could have been longer. And it actually would have been if I hadn’t gotten this newspaper job. Over 9 months have flown by that only felt like 4 months or so. Thank you for being there. Thank you for being so 2015. Lol…….

Feels weird saying goodbye to 2015. Don’t know why.

Chapter 12, Page 364 of 365

30 12 2015

Well……..this year has gone by fast. We’ll see within the next couple of months on what my next move will be. Do I continue the newspaper thing?, or not? That is the most important thing. I’ve got things on the horizon that I’ll be getting into hopefully.

Ahh this funny

30 12 2015

yeah okay. Champagne can get you arrested. Tea won’t. I’m good for the body, he’s not. Tea makes you smart. Champagne makes you stupid. Champagne is like your boyfriend, both are bitches.

How many different varieties of champagne are there???? Yeah

How many different varieties of tea are there??????

Sucks doesn’t it?????? Especially the bad champagne.

now if you don’t mind, I’m going back to my Netflix to finish watching this Murderer thingy.

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