Chapter 10, Page 304 of 365

31 10 2015

It felt like Christmas for me today. The mood in the air. That warm feeling of joy. It just felt like Christmas to me. Also got paid early but I don’t think that that was the reason though. Found out that it just got worse for me pertaining to the newspaper route. 

Chapter 10, Page 303 of 365

30 10 2015

So just now as I was starting to go about writing today’s piece, I had noticed that I had goofed up when I posted yesterday’s piece. That I had left off a digit. Oopsie! Fixed that right off the bat. Sleep, as always!, is waaaaaaaayyyyyy off now! Found one of my composition notebooks that I was looking for. Found it in the car! Here’s the funny thing. It was in a spot that I had looked in! So now I can write that piece pertaining to that idea that I have dealing with a new GTA V series. I can also write the item that I need dealing with me not having certain newspapers for some of my customers. I can also start writing this new book too. Excited for it all!

Chapter 10, Page 302 of 365

29 10 2015

Didn’t have any problems at work today which was good, except it took what seemed forever because of the rain that we had. Felt inspired by a song/group of songs to write another book. Came across a beautiful song from a car commercial. It’s that song that Lincoln Automotive uses in their latest commercial with Matthew McConaughey. That one where he goes to a poker game at a friend’s house, that song! So I Shazam’d it and BAM! Miles Davis, from his 1958 album Ascenseur pour l’échafaud. Great album. Great to listen to at night/early morning especially with rain!

Well that hard drive that I was bidding on; over at eBay escaped my grasp by $3! It’s a dog eat dog world when it comes to online auctions. After that happened I decided to buy this other one outright (you know that “buy it now” option). Well I couldn’t do that because PayPal is down! Of all freaking things!

Chapter 10, Page 301 of 365

28 10 2015

Had another complaint from a different customer for yesterday’s paper. Only problem is, is that he got one. I don’t know why people do this. What’s the use in saying that you didn’t get a paper when you did?? I can understand if it got stolen, but if it didn’t then why????

Bidding on another hard drive. This one a 6tb one. We’ll see if I get it, won’t know until 9:30pm on Thursday. Aside from that, I bought another game. Gonna be buying another one soon as well. Maybe more, hahahahahaha.

Chapter 10, Page 300 of 365

27 10 2015

nothing special today, except had a little Depression pop up. Still lingering a bit though.

Chapter 10, Page 299 of 365

26 10 2015

Went to work this morning, looked at my manifest list that I get everyday and it said that I had 2 complaints. Looked at them and thought back to the whole route. One complaint I agreed to as to the customer not getting their paper. I missed them. The other person claimed that they didn’t get a paper. I found this to be bullshit. I’ve had problems with this person before. Well luckily for me I had the whole route recorded. I went through the videos that I posted on YouTube and found the house……………………………..they got a paper. I went to the owner of the company (who is contracted with the newspaper to do the deliveries) and addressed the complaint. He said that he would give it to me (i.e. give me back the $2 that was taken, because of this.). I told him that I had a video recording of it, to which he asked “Why are you recording her address?……..” And before I let me finish that statement, I told him that I was recording the ENTIRE route! It was like I was recording this for my pleasure. Doing this as a voyeur or a creep or stalker. I’m sorry but I’m not any of those. I’m not like that. I’m recording this because I’m covering my ass when it comes to these people claiming that they’re not getting a paper when they are.  So I better not get any flak for this shit, because I do have that right as an individual and/or private company to do this. 


26 10 2015

I know that it’s you/know thatcha can’t keep away

You just don’t know/the misery, that I’ve gone through

The pain, that you caused/the things, the suffering from day-to-day

Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no!!!!!/how I’ve tried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/these tears that I’ve cried!!!!

How I put things on pause/done things for you……..


Do these words/these thoughts/these feelings

ring, in your ear/Ooooooohhhhhh


does it put you in check?/does it put fear into you dear………..


Chapter 10, Page 298 of 365

25 10 2015

Today was a quick day pertaining to newspapers. 3 hours is what my time was today. But I had to go back to the warehouse to get 2 more papers due to me being short. I don’t think that they’re keeping a very accurate record of who actually is suppose to get a paper even those I have a electronic book that gets updated everyday. 

Well it seems that Kelly has definitely increased her visits to my blog recently. Then she posted this shit later in the day.  


I really don’t like bacon due to it being greasy and too fatty. That’s #1.,#2; it’s funny how someone will kiss your ass when they know that they did wrong. That you did wrong so damn bad that they want to kill you.

34 Months

25 10 2015

Well another month that has come and gone AND I’m STILL smoke free. Weird cause I had a dream or thought about smoking. Does not help when you have a father that does it or a sister too. Can’t stand the smell.

Chapter 10, Page 297 of 365

24 10 2015

Still moving things to the cloud. Can’t wait to get paid this upcoming week. Gotta look at the video that I shot last night to see if this light for the GoPro worked or not. I’m thinking that it did. And we’ll see what else I need to buy this week! (Stuff that doesn’t pertain to my computer!) Still got that damn stalker problem.

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