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31 08 2015

Wow another month has come and gone just like that “snaps fingers.” Didn’t get what I want done today. This is what happens when you suffer from depression. You get depressed and angry at shit. For me it’s Kelly. For everyday that has gone by she has had a chance and an opportunity to make amends, but has chosen not to. She has chosen to continue this bullshit. To continue my anger and anguish. And what really sucks is the fact that it is getting real close for me to just go after her and kill her and everyone around her. 

Really Kelly

31 08 2015

Check it out for the One Time!

you claiming that you smoked weed…..really what happened???????/I’m gonna break these “facts” and destroy your so-called street cred/stand tall, stand over your dead corpse/a few fatal blows to your head… yous dead/this is what happens when you fuck with me/when you fuck with a Fed/One Time/There’s this factoid and then there’s the Chanello’s or Papa John’s one where the pizza delivery guy “tried to sell you weed” and then there’s this as well…. 


















Maybe if you were an “actual” pothead maybe then the shit that you caused me wouldn’t have happened. BUT I will forward the information on over to Child Protective Services in Omaha. Then there is also the info that I plan on sending to Josh too. You can ruin my life I’m going to ruin your life. #sucksforyou!

Dear Apple

31 08 2015

Dear Apple,

           Yes, I know about having 5 devices to an Apple I.D.; but c’mon, I’ve only got 4 associated with my shit! At least change it to 10 or so! Damn.



                                                                                                                                                                                                            Your Truly,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     VeryFine Right

Chapter 8, Page 242 of 365

30 08 2015

was trying to do some editing for one of the intros to my videos and it’s not working out the way I want it to be. Gonna have to re-shoot then edit that footage. Errrrrrrr!!! Also gotta do something with the sound in the video as well.

The Seduction of a Lady

30 08 2015

The plane touched down in Kuala Lumpur. “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.” “We here at Malaysia Airlines would like to thank you for flying with us.” Some people didn’t like that they were on an airplane that was ran by a company that had two tragedies within a short time frame. One of them that had yet to be solved. They had gone through a rough spell. Refocused themselves and overhauled things. They had cut jobs as well as equipment in order to cut costs. It didn’t work though. They continued to lose business. Then someone came up with an idea. To get some of the top media stars to fly on one of their flights…..for free!…….

Wes Craven

30 08 2015

Wow, Wes Craven passed away from brain cancer. A man who became a classic as well as a legend. A man who created icons and masterpieces that became classic. A man who basically launched the careers of many. A newer Hitchcock that even Hitchcock would have approved. It is something. You will be missed by many Wes Craven. May you scare even that of God and the Heavens.

Chapter 8, Page 241 of 365

29 08 2015

Today wasn’t all that bad, except for the notion or feeling of still wanting to kill Kelly and her whole family. But that’s what happens when you fuck with me and think that it’s okay and that you’re going to get away with it when that’s not going to happen. But hey I can’t complain at all as far the mood or feeling of today.

Nebraska Corrections Department’s mental health system doing good work but has room to improve, report says.

29 08 2015

LINCOLN — Nebraska’s prison system has too many mental health staff positions sitting empty and an information technology system that is “limited and outdated,” according to a report released Friday.

The report was prepared by Dr. Bruce Gage, the chief of psychiatry for the state of Washington Department of Corrections, at Nebraska’s request.

Gage identified several strengths within the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services, including the quality of its staff and its focus on inmates with major mental illnesses.

“While the (corrections department) mental health system has room for growth, there is a lot of good work going on,” he said.

Scott Frakes, the Nebraska corrections director, said he is working with the agency’s new leadership to implement short-term changes, while working on a long-term plan to meet the needs of offenders.

The changes so far have included adding beds to the secure mental health unit at the Lincoln Correctional Center and creating a protective management unit at the Tecumseh State Prison.

“In the months ahead, we will continue to build a system of mission-specific housing, providing inmates housing assignments that are consistent with their needs and custody level,” Frakes said.

Frakes, who came to Nebraska from the Washington state system, released the review Friday. It was dated July 6.

The review comes at a time when Nebraska’s prison system has been under scrutiny for the quality and availability of treatment for inmates with mental illnesses.

State lawmakers launched an investigation last year into the case of Nikko Jenkins, a mentally troubled inmate who killed four people in Omaha shortly after his release from prison in July 2013.

The special legislative committee criticized Jenkins’ mental health treatment behind bars as “wholly inadequate” and concluded that spending months in solitary confinement had worsened his mental state.

The committee recommended improving mental health treatment inside and outside prisons because of the rising numbers of inmates with mental illnesses.

In his review, Gage said 25 percent of male inmates and 50 percent of female inmates in Nebraska are getting medication for mental health problems. That proportion is typical for prison systems across the country, he said.

However, he also noted that many Nebraska inmates are getting services for mental conditions that most systems would not treat.

Gage said state officials cite a law requiring that inmates receive the same standard of care as people in the community as a reason for providing that treatment.

But he said the law was being interpreted “very broadly.” He did not offer examples.

He recommended that the department establish limits on treatment, akin to those used by private insurers. He said the department should have a way of tracking use of services.

“It cannot be the case that (the agency) is required to treat anyone who asks to be treated,” he said.

Gage also recommended developing a mission statement to guide the mental health system within the corrections system. Questions to be answered in developing such a statement could include the role of mental health treatment in the prisons and treatment priorities.

Regarding mental health staff in the prisons, Gage said the number of front-line mental health positions would be “only slightly on the low side,” if several conditions were met.

Those include filling all of the positions, developing a more structured treatment system and focusing the workers’ time on mental health services instead of programs aimed at reducing criminal behavior, such as anger management and violence reduction. These groups could be run by non-clinicians, and many of the participants do not require mental health treatment, Gage said.

However, he recommended adding more positions to provide oversight and supervision of mental health services in the prisons.

Gage also called for Nebraska to create more diverse mental health services and special housing settings to meet a variety of needs.

As much as possible, he said inmates should be grouped by those with major mental illnesses, cognitive disorders including traumatic brain injury and behavioral disorders.

Among other recommendations, Gage called for the prisons to shift from a crisis-driven mental health care to proactive and preventive care and to strengthen mental health services for inmates in solitary confinement and protective custody.

Nebraska did not pay Gage to do the review. The state of Washington allowed him the time to provide the consultation.

Chapter 8, Page 240 of 365

28 08 2015

Working on an opening scene for my gaming channel. Preferably a certain type of videos. Right now there’ll be 2 series pertaining to this genre. I can’t wait to make them and show them…..

28 08 2015

Thoughts and questions are running through your mind especially about why I included my Virginian address. Because I have balls to include it. Why not just hand the cops all the necessary information???? They don’t do the job anyway and won’t do it to the fullest. What I can’t understand is why would you listen to me those 2-3 times (or more) if you didn’t want shit to do with me?? You listened to me that one time when I told you to put on your big girl pants. You listened to me when I told you about that sign of yours. You obviously listened to me when I told you that you were going to have more than one store. I’m guessing that you listened to me when you had to fix those two situations that your employees caused. So why isn’t it that you aren’t listening to me when I suggest other things or tell you to do things or what not to do??? Hmmm??? Like the old saying goes. “Been there, done that.” I’ve seen failures because of ignorance. I’ve seen more failure because of this! Major companies have folded or went out of business due to the ignorance of one or many. So my question is this….Will you listen and do what I say or suggest 9 out of 10 times??? Or will you continue to be a hardheaded bitch who obviously is listening to some dumb bitch who doesn’t know what he’s talking about?? Because I will say this, as I have said so far and for as long as I’ve said it. Are you going to continue to go down that path that you’re going down right now or are you going to step onto the right path??? You make that choice because I can’t make it for you. Because you know what will happen with you staying on that path. You will lose everything. Go ahead and ignore me, but when you do (and there is about an 80-85% chance that you will) make sure you block me completely across the board. Get that new restraining order. Waste everybody’s time. And when you do, don’t ever come to me to bail your ass out. To help you out. Don’t come to me crying, begging for help. For forgiveness. Cause you will not get anything from me. You will lose your house, your kids, your store. Everything! So go ahead and finish laying the foundation, the block work for The Return book! But….. I will not do like I just said up there. I will not help you out. I will not do what is written in that book. You make your bed, you sleep in it. Simple as that!

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