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30 04 2015

i think that the hacking phase of my phone is over and done with.  It’s been 6 days since the last hack. I don’t know if Kelly has finally given up or what. Hell I’m still trying to figure out whether she was doing it at home or at the pompous bitch’s house. Or if he was doing it for that matter. 

Chapter 4, Page 119 of 365

29 04 2015

well i’m now back with Wells Fargo after an almost 2 year hiatus with them. feels good to finally be able to bring myself back up in some type of way.

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28 04 2015

had a couple of weird dreams today. one was dealing with an employee of Kelly’s that had a child. A young woman. blondish-brown hair. looked to be in her early 20’s. the other dream was me smoking a cigarette. that I had finally gave in and just said fuck it!. that was a weird but bad dream, even though it was a short one.

Chapter 4, page 117 of 365 

27 04 2015

bought the door slab that I’m going to turn into my desk. Fucker is heavy as fuck. Found out that it is made up of mostly MSD. which I had originally thought that the door was entirely made up of solid wood and not other shit! But that’s what happens when you see the price and you buy the damn thing. Not too mention I blame my mom for this as well. 

Chapter 4, page 116 of 365

26 04 2015

i had hope that I wouldn’t get any wet newspaper complaints when I went to work. Well I found out tonight that I had NONE! I was shocked by this being that I didn’t double bag the papers! Just the ones that I felt were important to double up. 

chapter 4, page 115a of 365

25 04 2015

trying to figure out when kelly is doing this hacking of my phone thing. whether she is at home or when she’s with or at the pompous bitch’s house. only time will tell. i’m also working on another lead as well pertaining to kelly

Chapter 4, page 115 of 365

25 04 2015

had a weird dream yesterday that I was in some room that was having work done to it by a young lady. (that I am assuming is young. she is short.) it had something to do with Kelly and her business. the room was old, really really old. Kendra was there as well.

Chapter 4, page 114 of 365

24 04 2015

finally completed the story mode of GTA V PC. Got some other stuff to deal with in the game. 

Chapter 4, Page 113 of 365

23 04 2015

took a break from playing GTA V PC and decided to try out this other game called Don’t Starve. My character has died multiple times since i first started it.

Chapter 4, page 112 of 365

22 04 2015

looks like next week I’m gonna have to get the thing with Wells Fargo taken care of. Seems that I’m “spending” a lot of my money when that’s not the case. 

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