10 03 2015

so last night I went for a “walk.” A walk through facebook. saw some shit that made me question some shit even more. well when I was a t work, I had done a voice memo. one pertaining to kelly. how it was possible that she might get married sometime soon. well i go and look at that page and there was some additional info. not much but it was info that did and didn’t answer my questions. the pictures that she had was pertaining to being free of a relationship. she had wrote a comment “how freedom feels.” BUT to whom was it directed to??? who was it about??? that pompous bitch??? or me???? so now i’ve got to wait and see if more info comes about, or if it’s one of those “let’s see if I can get him to break his silence and unlock his blog.” type of shit. she’s good with all the attempts, but still. if i have this shit locked down AND it is because of you. dealing with you. pertaining to you, then maybe you need to heed what is being said or done and quit TRYING to do something that will only back fire in your face. I understand that I’m the shit. That I’m the One and Only, BUT maybe you need to quit being thirsty for my attention. Because obviously i’m not thirsty or desperate for your attention or whatever. Recognize



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