Chapter 3, Page 64 of 365

5 03 2015

so today was one of those take a nap throughout the day type of day. It was raining all day. Well I had this one dream that I owned a motorcycle. A matte black one. Well I parked it in the building supposedly but then when I went to retrieve it, I couldn’t find it. I look all over the place and nothing. I come across a couple that were similar but not mine. I even came across a couple of ATV’s. So then I go inside and then the dream shifts. Now Andre is there and we’re in a bedroom it looks like. There’s a guy sleeping on the bed. We both leave and make our way through this building while carrying our shoes. Well we get to an area and we’re sitting down. I look at the screen of Andre’s watch and I see Jodeci on it. Then some dumb chick makes a comment about it. Something like we can’t have that on a watch. An argument ensues and then that’s it. 



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