Chapter 3, Page 90c of 365

31 03 2015


Chapter 3, Page 90b of 365

31 03 2015

i guarantee ya that Kelly or Anna will make some type of comment or something come tomorrow, being that it’s April Fools. She’ll make some sort of comment saying that she’s single now that she broke up with the pompous bitch.Anna might make a similar comment saying that Kelly is going to get married or whatever. Anything to try and get me to break my silence. but it won’t work!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

Chapter 3, Page 90a of 365

31 03 2015

So I’ve been working on some of my intro stuff for my YouTube vids. It’s gonna say “So-so presents….” then it’ll fade out after the title or art comes into play. can’t wait. bout to but the mac stuff and see how that video stuff is.

Chapter 3, Page 90 of 365

31 03 2015

seems that Kelly is doing an Anna by not posting anything on Instagram. She hasn’t done so for the past 4 days. I’m laughing about this shit, because I’m about to write those letters and mail them out. then we’ll see what she says or

Chapter 3,Page 89 of 365

30 03 2015

seems that there are nurses that are stealing the papers at the retirement home that I have on my route. I was told to start increasing the daily amount by 3 additional papers for each side, for ALL 7 DAYS!  

Chapter 3, Page 88 of 365

29 03 2015

today was a bitch of a day with the newspapers. Waited for 4-5 hours just to get my papers for the route. Left the building at 4:30am. Got done at 8:08am. Was surprised by that being that it usually takes me about 4 hours to deliver papers on a Sunday. Sore still. 

Chapter 3, Page 87 of 365

28 03 2015

been messing around with my computer today, because there were some issues at hand in which the computer would shut down when ever I wasn’t around or so it thought. Or someone thought.

Earth Hour

28 03 2015

Forgot all about Earth Hour!!! Man I love Earth Hour. Seeing people turn off their lights for a whole hour! I’m gonna have to get back into that groove!

Chapter 3, Page 86 of 365

27 03 2015

got my new power supply unit. Installed it then reinstalled it, or I should say I ended up flipping it around because I could feel the heat coming through the top of the case. 

Chapter 3, Page 85b of 365

26 03 2015

well I bought the original ToeJam and Earl on Steam for $2.50. Was surprised by that. This version has a save mode on it!  

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