Chapter 2, Page 59 of 365

28 02 2015

Seems like the pressure is getting to Kelly and Anna pertaining to my blog. lol. This means that I can make demands out the ass. And speaking of demands, I got the thought today that if Kelly and Anna don’t want to pay me my money that they owe me then they can buy me stuff that I have on my wishlists that have been assigned their names. But then maybe…..

Chapter 2, 58 of 365

27 02 2015

didn’t really do anything today expect write a letter to Rockstar Games asking for permission to use GTA V for PC, for my YouTube videos. Gotta mail that out on Monday. Then I’ve got to write one to Dreamworks out in California pertaining to Where’s Waldo. 


27 02 2015

today the world lost a man that had touched the hearts of millions of people. A man who would be become a legend to these millions of people including myself. A man with pointy ears and a hand greeting that countless amounts of humans were able to duplicate. But not myself. He created an icon that inspired others to do great things and to disperse great wisdom and knowledge. He created a signature look, a signature hand gesture, a signature style of class and a signature or trademark saying. Because of him, others created a signature piece. Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock. A character that he never got tired of. A character that was joyful towards others. A character to everyone. A human to us all, even though he was only half human. A recognizable legend to everyone. A man.

May you be given a fitting farewell that any Vulcan, human or other life form would hold in high approval and agreement for that of you. May we be able to find you amongst the stars when we finally rocket out into space. To boldly go where no man has gone before. Thank you Leonard Nimoy for bringing space, space travel and everything else into our homes, our hearts, and our memories. Live Long And Prosper Mr. Spock. 

Chapter 2, Page 57 of 365

26 02 2015

well it seems that the Internet went crazy over a dress today. A dress that is actually black and blue. The dress maker doesn’t have a white and gold one. They do have a white with black lace one. So what’s really funny is all the dumb people who said that the dress was white and gold were totally stupid. Not to mention the whole llama thing in Arizona was funny too. 

Chapter 2, Page 56 of 365

25 02 2015

So today I got some great news. More like the entire world did. ToeJam & Earl!!!!!! The sequel! A lot of people have waited for this since the 90’s! And then there’s the Tomb Raider movie reboots!!!!

Chapter 2, Page 55 of 365

24 02 2015

So today I found out that my game was pushed back by 2 weeks. I’m not too mad about it. It just means that I have more time to get more shit taken care of. 

Graphics card

23 02 2015

I love it! Now I just need to get at least a minimum 500w power supply unit. 

Chapter 2, Page 54 of 365 

23 02 2015

So today was a good day for many reasons. Not too many though. 1.) I got my graphics card. 2.) I got my Graze box. And 3.) WordPress updated the app and now it’s a whole lot easier to post a entry! So UPS finally delivered my package today and I took a ton of pics! I’ll have a separate piece pertaining to it. Then I got my Graze box to which I forgot about it. It’s a snack box that you pay like $6-7 a month for 4 different snacks. The ones I got, I ate in no time!  And they were good. 

23 02 2015

we got Starling City/we got people acting so crazy, it ain’t pretty/me, i’m from Platte Heights/doing this, people running, screaming through the nights/while the fear and the pain take flight/Arrows and lead fill the air/finding their way to your ass/you thought that you were the man/so sorry, it’s your last/for the One Time!/got things going blast

Chapter 2, Page 53 of 365

22 02 2015

Today was one of those days that had somewhat felt like a Sunday. Slept a good part of the morning. Didn’t really have any type of issues or what have you. Did find a movie that I had been looking for for quite some time. Had to go through a good portion of the internet to find it.

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