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9 01 2015

Still trying to get things with my computer right. Trying to get it or eliminate each variable so that if I’m faced with the last option then I’ll go with that. I’m hoping that I don’t have to. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m building a mid-low entry gaming PC. one specifically for Grand Theft Auto V. I ran into an unforeseen problem just recently. And it was because my mother pissed me off too about some shit. It was a good thing that I did start putting everything together and pressing the button, because I’ve found out that the hard drive that I had in my laptop, that I fucked up a couple of years ago, will not work. The operating system went from Genuine Windows to Non- Genuine Windows. So now I’m trying to get Genuine Windows on my new hard drive, on my new system without having to spend $100 for the full retail version of it. I tried using another operating system and that was a headache. I ended up nuking the hard drive so that I could re-clone the laptop hard drive. Well then I found out that I would need to have a previous Windows OS in order for me to go with Genuine Windows. I had a copy of Windows 8 Pro that I bought at the Best Buy in Omaha. Well I’ve got that fucker here BUT there’s only one problem though. No Product Key. For those who don’t know what a Product Key is, let explain it than to ya. The Product Key is a series of letters and number, could be one or the either if not both, that tells a person(s) or a company that you bought the product that goes with that key. It’s like a VIN number for an automobile. It’s like a person having a Social Security Number in the U.S. It’s basically something that 9-10 is a helpful thing to have.
So I tried to get a new one from Microsoft without having to buy a new copy of Windows 8.1! That didn’t work. They suggested one of two things. That I A.) buy another copy, or B.) contact Best Buy and see if they’d be able to get a Product Key or not. I’m still waiting on a response from them!
Now this is where I’ve had to do research into my situation. I don’t want to buy another copy of Windows 8 Pro ( which I can get for $65.00!, I paid $69.99 for it back in late 2012!) if I can’t upgrade my system back to Genuine Windows. Now the newest hurdle that I’m facing is seeing if I can do what I’ve termed “Doing a Back to the Future” with my computer. Basically what this means is putting an older copy of Windows onto a blank hard drive and then upgrading it to Windows 8 Pro while only having to spend $65. Now the older copy of Windows would be Windows XP. If that doesn’t work then I would have to spend the $100 and buy the full retail version of Windows 7 to put onto my computer. Hopefully I will see what happens soon. Keep your fingers crossed.



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