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31 01 2015

I feel like shit right now. I think I’ve got this stomach or so. Been a while since I’ve gotten sick.

Chapter 1, Page 30a of 365

30 01 2015

This morning I got an idea for another product to add to my collection. A VeryFine beer stein. That shit is going to be awesome! My face on a beer stein!

Chapter 1, Page 30 of 365

30 01 2015

Had a depression moment this morning.

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29 01 2015

Done a little work on my desk today. Found out that it went back to being bowed. I’m hoping that I can fix it though.

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28 01 2015

I’m about half way through in trying to figure out the wire layout for the audio panel for my computer. That is I hope! It’s not easy mapping out something that somebody should have down already.

Chapter 1, Page 27 of 365

27 01 2015

Well I got 1 of 2 gift cards for my nephew, taken care of. Now it’s time for the second one after this graphics card!

Chapter 1, Page 26a of 365

26 01 2015

I’m getting flustered over this shit pertaining to my computer. To the audio jack. It doesn’t help that the thoughts of kicking Kelly’s ass if not killing her are making things worse.

Chapter 1, Page 26 of 365

26 01 2015

It seems that Kelly if not Anna can’t seem to get it through their minds to quit trying to hack my phone. It would seem that they crave the attention that I’ve been avoiding on giving.

Chapter 1, Page 25 of 365

25 01 2015

Had a little hatred peak it’s ugly head out. 3 guesses on who it was about. Good thing is is that it didn’t get too far out of hand. Thank God!

Chapter 1, Page 24 of 365

24 01 2015

The depression was extremely heavy today. Really heavy, the worst that it’s ever been. The thoughts of the end, thoughts of death.

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