Garry’s Mod

29 11 2014

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Garry’s Mod or Gmod. 8 years old today on Steam. And next month is an even bigger day for yall!

23 months

25 11 2014

so 23 months since I’ve had a cigarette. Still proud for that. Still amazed at myself. Almost $3k saved! Wow.


24 11 2014

It’s sad with the injustice that came about today from the so-called findings pertaining to the Michael Brown incident. That they still put blame on the kid. This needs to stop…………


24 11 2014

those who remain quiet, when it comes to something important, are the ones who have a lot to lose. But those who have lost a lot are not afraid to lose again if not lose even more. For the ones who are quiet are trying their best to hold onto those important bits and pieces. That one item or so that reminds them of that important matter, important person, important event in their life. They know without a shadow of a doubt that if they lose that one thing, that they will have a huge hole within them. That they will fell empty from this lost.


-Ric Killebrew

22 11 2014

Thoughts came about in her mind. She wondered whether or not he was going to be online

A weird dream

17 11 2014

A this dream just now where I was dealing some cabinets and a that I was having to deliver them somewhere. Well next thing you I’m with “Kelly”. Thing is though is that it’s not Kelly. Well me and Kelly stop at this athletic clothing shop. We’re there and a couple of other people are there as well as the two employees. Nothing happens for a couple of minutes and then bam! Store’s open. I’m thinking to myself ok. We’re in the store waiting to be dealt with. Weird. Well Kelly is across the room or floor or whatever you want to call it, talking to one of the employees. She looks over at me and then back to the employee. Well I look around while seat on the “sideline.” I see that the store has this oval track in it. I’m given the impression that you can test out the shoes that you are wanting to by. There’s also mirrors on the wall where kelly and this employee are talking. Well me and kelly leave not too long after that. We’re in her black Dodge SRT Ram pickup truck. For some odd reason I was looking up under the hood when I go to close it. I close but forget that you have to pull the other half to finish closing it. Weird. Well we’re in the truck and Kelly is telling me the reason for the visit to this athletic store. That she was trying to return a goofy ass shirt of some type and they wouldn’t let her. She wasn’t pissed off about it. So we’re leaving and the dream shifts again. 3rd time now. We’re in the truck still driving somewhere, we come up to this main road and stop for a brief second. There’s trees or what have you on my side (passenger side) blocking the view. Making hard to tell if there’s any oncoming traffic. That’s when Kelly just pulls out anyway! Makes a left turn. Good thing is is that there was no traffic coming. Well during this shift period I notice something odd. Kelly is smoking. Kelly doesn’t smoke in real life. Well it doesn’t bother me for some odd reason. I look and see that she has one of those cigarette butt cups in the truck. It’s full! Full to the extent that you can’t get anymore in and that it’s overflowing!! Well we’re driving still when I notice that she was talking on the phone through the truck or whatever. It has that Spring Time me feel to it. Trees have those green leaves that you see in the springtime. The type that are just growing. Not to mention it’s wet outside. The road is wet. The bark on the trees is wet. Well at one point in the drive I notice Kelly is smoking the cigarette all the way down to the filter. I shake the butt cup and tap it on the arm rest and reach out with my left hand for her to hand me the butt. She does without complaining. Well now we’re in a neighborhood within the woods. We take a wrong “turn.” We end up going straight instead of right and end up in someone’s back yard. Kelly backs up and the dream shifts a little. I’m outside of the truck, sitting in a blue chair. One of those outdoor types that folds up. Well I realize where I’m at and go to get up. Well there’s this mosquito that wants to start bothering me. Well I get up and try swatting it away but that doesn’t work. I notice that it’s somewhat raining now. Well Kelly is on the right street which is on top of a hill. Well what’s really odd is the split second shifts that happen at this point. I’m walking up the hill and then I’m in the truck. We’re parked across the street from a house. It’s now early nighttime. I look in a trailer that’s seated in front of a house. It has some cabinet stuff in it. I give Kelly the light stuff while I grab something else cabinet related. We’re in a house now. The kitchen is small. There’s a bedroom behind the kitchen. A bedroom that you have to go through the kitchen to get to. At the time that we were in Kelly’s truck we had moved in closer to kiss. It was an awkward kiss to start out with. (You know the type where you both are moving your mouths in different positions because you both are watching the other or not paying attention. 😆😂)

15 11 2014

Funny how something so short and simple can be so true. See I never gave up. Sounds funny as fuck, but you were someone who was too damn ignorant. Now look at you.


a weird dream

15 11 2014

Had a weird dream this morning that I was in a city that wasn’t Omaha. It was similar in feeling and slight appearance.

5 year anniversary

12 11 2014

So today marks the 5th anniversary of me using WordPress. Wow 5 years. I’ve reached a lot of people through WordPress. So I guess we’ll see what this road will bring us.


9 11 2014

This is funny. This is one of the listings that I’m putting online.


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