Tim Cook

30 10 2014

Congratulations to Tim Cook for speaking up and speaking out to the entire world today. Kudos to you boss. In this day and age, one should not be afraid to express their sexuality or their race nor anything for that matter. There will be those who will judge those based upon these factors. But let them, for it is not a sign of weakness on anybodies’ side, but more of a learning process for all of us. Just as long as we do not include the hatred that some would feel at times towards anybody.


  -Richard W. Killebrew Jr.

hello Anna

30 10 2014

Is there something that I can help you with Anna??

Thank you Verizon!

30 10 2014

Gotta love technology! Thank you Verizon Wireless!





I don’t play

28 10 2014

See it’s not about if I plan on killing you and everyone who is related to you. No. It’s more of a question on when. When do I plan on killing you and your sisters. Your brother. Your parents. Your kids. Your boyfriend. His kids. His parents. Another question to ask is how. How do I plan on killing you. That’s a great question. That is something that I’ve thought about for the last 6 1/2 years now.
There’s the baseball bat.
The car jack from the 70’s.
There’s the noose around your neck, outside of your store.
There’s the tying you to the rails outside of your store and dousing your body with gasoline and lighting you on fire.
There’s the beating every body part on your body.
There’s the emptying 3 clips of handgun ammo into your body. Running over your fucking stupid ass with a truck.
T-boning your mini-van on your way somewhere and smashing the windows and pulling your ass out of your vehicle and beating your ass while your kids watch in horror. Pleading for me to stop.
There’s the walking into your store and start attacking everyone in there with a fucking machete.
Or there scenario where I start putting a bullet inside of everyone’s head that’s in that store.
And then there’s the one where I break into your house while you’re home and whip your ass there, in front of your kids.
Or lace your beverages with antifreeze.

And then there’s the part where I go after your kids while they’re school.

Now onto your boyfriend. I plan on going after him at one of two locations. Maybe three.
There’s the one location being that of his home (laughs at that. His home! That’s funny. I betcha that bitch don’t own shit to his own name!) in which I’ll more than likely beat or stab him multiple times.
If not there then it’d be at his workplace. There I’d more then likely shoot him multiple times after I fuck up his car. Or I’ll intercept his ass before he gets to work. And that would be his last day of work.
The third location. Your house. I’d beat his ass or cut him up in front of you with a machete. Maybe unload a clip on his ass.
His parents, at their home. Stabbing. Then burn down all the properties that he owns.

Your sister, one of three places. At her house. At work or at the arena. Basically one of two ways at home or the arena. Beating or stabbing. At her workplace, stabbing

Your brother, probably one or the other in his home

Your sister, at her home. Probably the beating or stabbing.

Your parents, for your mother, either at home or at her workplace. Probably a stabbing.
Your father, at home, stabbing to either side of his neck. Enough to bring him down.

So now what the fuck do you want to do?? Cause I will not tolerate no more. I will not deal with you rubbing shit in my face. Not from you or anyone from your family. I suggest you run.


Fear me

27 10 2014

I know where everybody lives in the city. So the question is this…..When will you go to sleep?? Because Justice and Vengeance don’t sleep. Nor does the hate! Fear Night Fall.


27 10 2014


dumb bitch

27 10 2014

Oh is this shit suppose to hurt??? Suppose to be some type of hidden message??? A jab?? Sorry but the only thing that this does is makes me mad. Makes me want to slit your throat even more. Not like I don’t have that shit planned anyway. You and a bunch of others. Everyone related to you that is and that boyfriend of yours too.1461166_10205056667514240_9114468963996848913_n Maybe you just need to quit posting shit like this online. If you don’t at least  I know that it will stop once I slit your throat as well as the others. Oh and I plan on doing this at your store and taking all the money that you have in your register and what you have in your bank account too. So maybe you need to stay the fuck off of the internet. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and what the fuck ever. Oh and tell your boyfriend thanks for the heads up on the VW Golf. I plan on burning down every property that his daddy owns. #Justicecometh


That’s interesting

26 10 2014

Hmmmmmmm. This is interesting. I mention hidden messages yesterday and now this. Hmmmmmm. It’s got me thinking.



25 10 2014

Really???! Hmmm. Seriously, eyebola?? Like no one can see that this is a hidden message that is just so obvious. I mean really???! “Eyebola.”





22 months

25 10 2014

Still going strong. 22 months. Still amazed by the feat. Still amazing myself.

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