2nd location

11 09 2014

Aksarben Village…..no
Blackstone District…..no

All three of these areas are too close to the flagship store. Village Pointe…..no. That’s too close to Junkstock. The ideal locations would be Bellevue, Papillion, Gretna. Another two spots would be Fremont and Lincoln. You already have a following with people in Omaha. You want more people, newer people. Newer regulars. By having a second location in either B.,P., or G,; you ensure that the growth of your store is not hampered by being too close to the flagship store. If you place a second too close to the flagship, you will lose business. You will lose revenue. If you open another location in the vicinity of those 3 spots then you will lose a quarter of your revenue at Dundee. Not to mention you would give those customers in those 3 areas a reason to avoid Dundee, or could give them a reason to avoid Dundee. (“Oh I quit going to the Dundee location because so and so works there.” Or “They had problems at that store and I just have a feeling that they’ll do me the same way.”) Not to mention if you place another store in that vicinity AND you do lose business, then you might end up having to close a store because of this. Here’s the problems with Benson, Aksarben Village and Blackstone District. They’ve all been revitalized. Brought back to life. You open a second location in those three areas and you will pay the current monthly lease. You open a second location that I’ve listed and you can get it cheaper AND be part of the revitalization of that area! See by opening an 2nd location in one of those 3 spots, it gives the community that is optimistic there a more positive outlook. They see you opening a 2nd location, then more businesses will flock there and so forth. Which means that you could be heralded as a pioneer to that area or whatever. Not to mention it gives a much more confidence to other women who want to be an entrepreneur.
Another thing to look at in my 3 listed areas is this. If the location has been there for so long, on the market for sale or lease for so long!, then you’ll get a better deal on it with the realtor then you would in those other 3 spots.

Here’s the benefits of Bellevue…..
Offutt Air Force base and all the residential neighborhoods close to the base.

Papillion: all of those residential areas. Junquè Factory customers, not to mention helping the J. F. re-establish themselves (if they’re trying to) by sharing a store with them in Papillion. (That means splitting the cost of the store, which means that’s less of a hassle for you in the long run.)

Gretna: Louisville, Springfield, Millard. That’s 3 additional towns close by to Gretna.

All three of these with bring a ton of fresh, new customers. Not to mention more festivals and celebrations for Lil Scoutie to make an appearance at to attract those new customers. How much of an increase have you seen Benson Days??? Maha Music Festival in Aksarben?? You do the math. Cause I guarantee ya that you will not fail in my 3 areas.

It is also a good time to re-establish company rules, if you haven’t done so already. Create firmer ones so that the mishaps are very minimal.



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