iWatch part 2

10 09 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen introducing the new Apple iPod Nano, 8th Generation. We’ve made it more stylish by revisiting the 6th Generation iPod Nano and completely redesigning it and rebuilding it. We now made it in TWO different sizes that really doesn’t change ANYTHING! One is an inch and a half (1.50 inches) while the other one is slightly larger than an inch and a half. (1.65 inches!) We redid the insides so that we could include a speaker and some fancy LED’s. But wait!, there’s more. We’ve given it 6 different finishes. 6 different finishes that YOU HAVE TO buy! One while you’re at work. One for you to work out in. One to go out on the town with. Another one to flaunt at the weekly company meeting. One to wear while you take a shit and that you’ll drop in the toilet. And the sixth one to wear when you cheat on your spouse with a side bitch. We’ve now given you a more stylish reason to try and recreate…Knight Rider, although you’ll look more like a fool, but not as bad as those Samsung and Pebble watch wearing assholes. So now you’ll have more of a reason to buy it. And here’s a couple more. Don’t you want to match your iPhone 6 MegaDunk?? What about all of those iPods that you’ve collected throughout the years???? Gotta match that MacBook Pro Air Deluxe. And your iPad, your iPad mini AND your iPad Air. Why because we want your money and we’re not letting you go with anyone else.







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