Windows 10

30 09 2014

So the actual, real name for the new Windows Operating System is called Windows 10. Why not Windows X???? That would have been more bad ass! “Windows X!” That would actually put it up there with Apple and their OS X! That’s something though. Let’s hope this one doesn’t leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth like Windows 8 did. And it comes out later next year. Cool.

Windows OS

30 09 2014

So the new Windows Operating System was unveiled today. I love the name they gave it. Doors. Doors??? Why Doors? Because they got tired of everyone looking through their Windows! Get it windows!, looking through them like they were actual windows!

35 years

28 09 2014

So I turn 35 today. That would be great and all if I had a job. But I don’t.

No job

No house of my own

No marriage

No kids

No published books

No movies

What the fuck is the purpose of living when I see failures???? When it is nothing but failures. I have thought about suicide so many times in the last 7 1/2 years than I have ever thought about. And the thoughts continue to multiply about it. All of those reasons that were listed, just makes things worse for me. I’ve created hit-lists that I’ve posted online. On WordPress. To end this fucking bullshit. It sucks when you can’t work for a company that does a background check. So am I wrong when I want to kill the bitch who fucked up my life??? To kill her family?? Her kids. Anyone who has ties to her. The judge who was in on it as well. The lawyers too. Cops as well. 


28 09 2014

I hate getting these emails that say “Happy Birthday! You’re entitled so-so off of a meal.” Or “You get this for free when you purchase this.” That would be nice and all BUT  there’s only one problem. I DON’T HAVE A FUCKING JOB! BECAUSE ALL YOU FUCKERS WANT TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST A PERSON WHEN IT COMES TO HIRING SOMEONE. So the way I see it, you can go fuck yourselves and these birthday emails!

My questions for you

28 09 2014

I’d like to know when you plan on moving on with your life??? When do you plan on stopping when it comes to reading my blog(s)???? You know…you obviously have problems when you continue to read them. “Oh but I allowed him to see that it was me yesterday.” So. But the problem that lies ahead, that STILL currently lies ahead is you. You obviously think that you can continue to look/read my blogs WHILE in a relationship with someone. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to tell you this, but I will not be telling you this much longer, but I don’t want anything to do with you if you can’t tell me. If you can’t apologize for what you did. “I’m confused??” What the fuck are you confused by??? That just supports the fact that you ARE delusional! If you can’t be honest. If you can’t “man the fuck up” and tell a person how you feel then you’ve got problems. But then there’s where the problem lies. Brace yourselves people! But a “delusional” person is about speak some shit that would say otherwise about his mentality!

I don’t think that you have any feelings for me to be honest with ya.

Because if you did, you’d go out of your way to let me know. If you did, you wouldn’t just be reading my blog(s). No, you would actually be going to great lengths to see me. Go to great lengths to hear my voice. To feel my touch. But you haven’t. So my question(s) is this. Why are you still reading my blog(s)??? Hmmmmm. See that’s problem with you. When you think, you and a lot of people only see the basics like this room⬇️


But when I think, this is how it comes out ⬇️. You see details out the ass. You see a vast, big picture. But the funny part is the fact that my mind or thoughts are like that of that room ⬆️. Simplistic, while you and these others have cluttered minds like this⬇️. See the problem is not when the person paints the picture of what they see. No. It’s the person who is not the artist, who doesn’t see what the artist sees. See I went to great lengths. I took a chance! I went out on that ledge. I took a giant leap. You, you haven’t. The only thing you did was cheat on someone. You didn’t think that you’d get caught, but you did. Like all cheaters do. And that’s another thing that supports the “she ain’t got feelings for me” thingy. You’ve got money out the ass, but yet you can’t take that chance. That leap. That risk. You’ve got money to take trips to Vegas EVERY year! You’ve got money to go to concerts throughout the year, EVERY year!, over in Council Bluffs or other places. You’ve got money to fly out to Denver twice a year, if not more, EVERY year! You’ve got money to go camping in Alabama. You’ve got money to fly down to Phoenix. You’ve got money from selling a truck. You’ve got all this money, BUT you ain’t taking that one chance. That one risk. That one leap. But like I said up there ⬆️, I know for a fact with all of those bits of information, that you don’t have feelings of any level for that of me. Because if you did, you would’ve taken that risk by now. So really why are you still reading my blog(s) if I’m not posting that much shit??? If I’m not posting any Romance??? Why are you still reading my shit??? Another thing that further supports the whole “you don’t have feelings for me” thingy is this…..why’d you hide your visits from me????? Hmmmm???? That just adds to the fact that somebody would only do that for one reason. So that they won’t get caught by someone that they were having a relationship with. Because it is cheating. Because you are in fact diverting your attention from that person to someone else to a certain degree. Oh well, sucks for you soon.


YouTube channels

27 09 2014

You did forget that I do have 2 YouTube channels right?? Just in case you want to hear my voice or see my face, you overly obsessed, delusional stalker.

Right now

27 09 2014

How many hits am I going to get from you??? Tonight?? Hmmmmm. You miss me don’tcha. Miss my voice. Miss arguing with me.

So damn….

27 09 2014

You know that you’re so damn predictable. That I figured that you would visit my blog AND increase my hits. Either you were going to do it today or tomorrow being what tomorrow is.

21 months

25 09 2014

Still going strong. Have not fallen off the bandwagon or anything of that nature, even though I didn’t post a piece last month pertaining to my continued tobacco free journey. Yes it still is a test that I continue to go through as each day goes by. It’s a lot of pressure that I’m dealing with from both sides. Pressure not to smoke and then there’s a little pressure from the side to smoke. AND it does not help when you have a father who continues to smoke when he’s experiencing health problems from that of smoking and drinking. Not to mention a sister who smokes as well. I don’t know how she can when she has no job. Not to mention she doesn’t try to get a job either. It’s not like she’s got a record. I just don’t know you know. Over $2600 has been saved by not smoking. That’s $2600+ that the tobacco companies have not gotten from me because of their products. That feels good. I don’t have to worry if I reek of cigarette smoke. Don’t have to worry about any hacking coughs. Don’t have to worry about if I’m affecting someone’s health. I can concentrate on more other important things than cigarettes or lighters or anything tobacco related. I can’t wait for Christmas Day! #2yearson12/25/2014!!






iOS 8 part 3

18 09 2014

Another thing to keep in mind when updating to the new iOS is to ensure that you’ve backed up your photos, either to the cloud or manually, because you WILL lose some of them! That is guaranteed!

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