20 years ago

14 08 2014

August 14th, 1994 was a day that I remember. One of many that I vividly remember. It was the day that a man, that I rarely knew, passed away. Don’t know much about him except for the car that he owned and drove. A 1975 Plymouth Gold Duster. Gold exterior. Gold interior. Six seater. Automatic. V-8 engine. Only had 30,000 some odd miles on it when it came to Virginia in December of ’94. Great car. She didn’t have a name until I became the owner. The first car that I owned. The first car that I learned how to work on before being able to drive it. A car that I still have to this day. A car that I love. A car to remember someone by. A car that everyone in my family knows that I would not part with. A car that became one with its owner. A car that was once owned by a man. A car that was owned by a man with the initials of E. E. K. A man by the name of Elbert E. Killebrew. A man that I knew as my Grandfather. Here’s to you Grandpa, wherever you are. She ain’t going nowhere.

And the name of that car……Trudy Killebrew.



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