Hello Kitty???

29 08 2014

So the creator of Hello Kitty had dropped a bombshell this week by saying that Hello Kitty is not a cat. That she is a girl, a human girl. Yyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. Bitch quit smoking that shit!veqa1wliqkjbfchgyuaj Because this looks like a cat!

Omaha Police Department

27 08 2014

Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

So I saw this tweet just now and thought What the fuck??? I heard about a crew member from the show COPS getting injured while shooting an episode of COPS but did not know that it was in Omaha. And 3 cops have been suspended because of the shooting. 1.) you can’t trust these cops nowadays. 2.) the cops in Omaha ain’t worth a shit and that’s the truth from my own personal experience while living there. They all lie and they will shoot first and not give a damn. And the funny part was what the police chief said here. C’mon you fuckers ain’t worth shit and never will be and you know this! #pathetic!


20 08 2014

So the other day I was screwing around, online and I had logged on into my Sims 3 profile. Well I was just doing some exploring of my profile when I came across the section that has any uploads. Well I was shocked that I had uploaded a family/household/lot. What surprised me even more was the fact that the lot or what have you had been downloaded 44 times. 44 TIMES! since 2012! Wow! When I saw this I thought to myself that I shouldva uploaded ALL of my Sims to the Exchange because the one thing that I really hate is having to re-create my Sims AND having them relearn everything. But I won’t repeat that mistake again!



a list part 2

20 08 2014

Kelly Newell
Mark Austin
Marlo Lange
Owen Lange
Parker Lange
Frank Newell
Carol Newell
James Newell
Christine Newell Snyder
Anna Newell Jones
Henry Jones
An Vu
Caitlin Little
Amy Whitenack
Dawaune Lamont Hayes
Kendra Jane Senrick
Stephanie Diaz
Melissa Amstutz
Carley Scott Fields
Emma Headley
Maura Egan
Zoe Kuhn
Lanie Holt
Laura Palmer
Olivia Manzitto
Susan Bazis
Bill Harry
Don Kleine
Bonnie L. Austin
Amanda Austin
Marcus Chavez
Erica Austin
Jennifer Roberts
Monica Norris

The mistake and lies of one that has cost the lives of dozens if not more.

Not buying it

14 08 2014

There has been something that has somewhat been bothering me just recently. It’s an incident that took place out in Las Vegas within the past week. It was the beating of a porn star by the name of Christy Mack. Don’t care for her, she’s not any of my favorites. I find it hard to believe her side of the story. Women have a tendency to make shit up to make themselves look like the victim in a situation when they are not. (I blame this on our principals and laws and what have you, that claims that women are the weaker sex and are more fragile. To that I say bullshit!) We only know very little about what really happened. BUT if I was War Machine, I’d be posting shit that helps support my case, my side of the story. A guy does not just go crazy for nothing! I know this shit for a fact from my own experiences! It takes two to tango. If they broke up like she claims, then why is he supporting her physically and non-physically?? Why didn’t she block him on all the social media sites??? Why didn’t she get a restraining order??? If they broke up, then why did
She retweet that pic⬇️??! Why did she mention his ass in that one pic⬇️ if they were no longer an item within the last 2 months????! BECAUSE
THEY WEREN’T OVER AS SHE CLAIMS! Like I said you have to question EVERYTHING that a woman says and does! Not all women are like this! Just the fucked up ones! She fucked up when she cheated on him and thought that she could get away with the shit! You found out that you were wrong about that shit! She played War Machine AND that other guy. Now like I said ⬆️ there, I’d post who exactly it was that was with Christy Mack that day. Cause by doing that, you start to level the playing field. You’re able to cast doubt onto that other person’s statements about you and things. It gives people a more truthful outlook or opinion towards that one person.









20 years ago

14 08 2014

August 14th, 1994 was a day that I remember. One of many that I vividly remember. It was the day that a man, that I rarely knew, passed away. Don’t know much about him except for the car that he owned and drove. A 1975 Plymouth Gold Duster. Gold exterior. Gold interior. Six seater. Automatic. V-8 engine. Only had 30,000 some odd miles on it when it came to Virginia in December of ’94. Great car. She didn’t have a name until I became the owner. The first car that I owned. The first car that I learned how to work on before being able to drive it. A car that I still have to this day. A car that I love. A car to remember someone by. A car that everyone in my family knows that I would not part with. A car that became one with its owner. A car that was once owned by a man. A car that was owned by a man with the initials of E. E. K. A man by the name of Elbert E. Killebrew. A man that I knew as my Grandfather. Here’s to you Grandpa, wherever you are. She ain’t going nowhere.

And the name of that car……Trudy Killebrew.


14 08 2014

Why do people think that they can try and hack my computer??? What do you not think that I won’t find out??? You fucked up when you done the shit last week while my mother was online. Well you really fucked up this time cause I was online! Doesn’t take long to figure out that someone’s trying to fuck with a printer that isn’t even turned on!! What the fuck type of hacker are you???? You sincerely suck ass you dumb fuck! Then you try fucking with my internet browser! Wow! You wanna know how I found out about that?? Two things. 1.) The computer I’m on is old and has a hard time handling complex graphics and what have you. So because of that a prompt pops up from time to time. 2.) second thing that you fucked up on was you started playing a video off of the Internet of Obama that I heard! So really dude go back to school and learn how to hack. Looks like I’m gonna have to get in touch with some people I know.

Depression part 5

12 08 2014

after failing too much because of the shit that was caused by Kelly, I had unfollowed and unliked everybody that I was following or friends with from Omaha Nebraska. Or Nebraska for that matter. I didn’t want shit to do with any of those people. They weren’t my friends. They were no one to me nor did they exist outside the frame of the internet for me. I was betrayed. I was lied to. If I had a nuclear bomb at my disposal, I would set that fucker off and obliterate all of Nebraska. I could care less if I killed hundreds of innocent people. It’s the mistake of one that has killed hundreds.

Depression part 6

12 08 2014

You know how I mentioned in that one post about not fucking up someone’s life and all. Well I know for a fact that the shit is just gonna go through Kelly’s ear and out the other. Same thing with her sisters. That what they did was not wrong on any level whatsoever to them. That they aren’t going to apologize or fix shit. And with that instance you know that something is not mentally right with any of them. Nowadays you cannot forgive and forget. Because those two things will only make things worse for a person will depression. But the thing is is that when I show up with a gun or knife, that they will each beg for their life and profusely apologize for their actions and then have an excuse as to why they hadn’t fixed things or apologize any sooner. And they’ll each do this for one reason. Because they were wrong and they know it. That they chose not to correct things when given the chance. They might even get ballsy and think that I won’t do it. But they’re wrong. I will kill each and every one of them, man, woman, child.  And here’s the kicker too. I won’t kill myself in the end. Nope. I’ll surrender peacefully. And then I’ll testify as to why I did it. There will be this bullshit about me not trying hard enough to get a job, but there won’t be enough shit to support that thought. There will be this bullshit about me not getting treatment, but that won’t work either due to the fact that I was denied treatment by a mental health facility. People will try too much, try too hard to try and throw blame onto me, but it will fail. Even worse than before. Do you know why I’ve been going private on my blog a lot lately??? Not because I’m afraid of anything, it’s because I don’t want Kelly reading my blog anymore. She fucked up, and she will suffer. So if you see that my blog has gone private again, it’s because of Kelly and her hardheadedness.

Depression part 4

12 08 2014




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