Malaysian Flight 17

17 07 2014

Wow. That is crazy that another Malaysian Airliner had an unfortunate situation. This has caused Malaysia Airlines to suffer another blow to their name. Another 200+ people gone. People wanting answers just like the first occurrence. One side says that one group did it, BUT is that the truth??? Probably not. Bloodshed will occur. Excuses will come about. Fingers will be pointed. To those who have lost someone will this flight, breathe. Consult with those of Flight 370. Both groups can help each other with the pain that each group has and feels. Do not get angry. Laugh, reminisce, cry, share. And last but not lest, don’t forget. Do not give up. Fight for that voice that has fallen silent. Your cries of pain and anger are being felt worldwide! Let the World express anger for you while you mourn. This situation makes you think if this is what happened over 4 months earlier.



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