Go figure

28 07 2014

You know it’s kinda funny when I get a couple more visits today from that of Kelly. Which just goes to show THAT it was her! If it wasn’t, then she wouldn’t have hit my blog up a couple of more times. Bitch has got problems.



It has come

28 07 2014

You know I was having a good day til that Kelly shit happened. Now I’ve got the depression thing happening AND the fucking anger thing as well. It’s funny how someone claims that they fear for their fucking life and this that and the other but they’re the ones who don’t want people knowing what they’re doing and stuff. Don’t want it known that they’re creeping behind someone’s back when they should be giving a person their fullest attention. These are the people whose relationship is crap from the moment that it first starts because they can’t talk to one another upfront. That they have to lie to each other no matter what. Yet I’m the one who’s fucked up things and can’t be trusted. BITCH PLEASE! I’m not the one who’s lied to my spouse. I’m not the one who’s lied to my family. Or lied to everyone out there. No I’m the one who’s told the truth no matter what. And yet where the fuck did it get me??? JAIL! It’s something how you try and blame me for your fuck ups. For your mistakes within the last 7 1/2 years. And instead of saying something, you go about fucking up my life, my means of living, my means of making money, my means of survival. Yet I’ve helped you with any and everything. Some things unbeknownst to me. BUT the one thing that I never did was fuck up your financial gains. BUT that’s all going to change now. Because I’m going to fuck up EVERYTHING for you, your kids, your boyfriend, his kids, your parents, your sisters, your brother, any nephews and nieces that you’ve got. The cops, the judge, the lawyers. Your employees. See now you have something to truly fear. Not knowing what I’m doing. Or anything of that nature. Because I’m going silent now.


28 07 2014

So a couple of minutes ago I was in a poker room on Facebook, playing poker. Well this woman sits right beside me and that’s when I notice her name. Kelly. Interesting. Well after a few rounds of playing poker, I get up from the table and go to get another glass of tea. I come back to the table and sit in another seat. I play some more then I lose a hand to this Kelly. This is what I said…..






Now here’s some more stuff to consider. When she was on her little camping trip a week or so ago, she was looking at my blog while on vacation. Why would you look at my blog or anything of that nature when you’re on vacation???? A vacation is a getaway. To escape everything. The kicker to that is that after that, she downloaded some shit to try and make her visits invisible. And then she’s visiting my blog everyday like she used to years ago. My question is, why?? What is your boyfriend not cutting it for you?? Shit not going your way?? Too fucking bad. That’s life.

19 months

25 07 2014

Do I really need to say anything??


25 07 2014


So I just got through having to “digitize” my artwork for a site that I plan on selling some of the pieces on. You’ll notice the original and the digitally cleaned up copy or whatever you want to call it. In this case I had to do it like that because it couldn’t have any high and low spots or any type of light fluctuation in it. I had to use two different programs just to achieve that desired look and feel. If you want to see more of my work, click here on the link. I’ll be doing at least 1 piece a week due to the process that I have to deal with.

22 07 2014

Simplistic, soft lines. Immerse yourself in a world that knows no depths! Immerse yourself in a great piece with a slew of

Right now

17 07 2014




Working on my Gamer Tag. “But what is it????” “Spoilers sweetie, spoilers.”

Malaysian Flight 17

17 07 2014

Wow. That is crazy that another Malaysian Airliner had an unfortunate situation. This has caused Malaysia Airlines to suffer another blow to their name. Another 200+ people gone. People wanting answers just like the first occurrence. One side says that one group did it, BUT is that the truth??? Probably not. Bloodshed will occur. Excuses will come about. Fingers will be pointed. To those who have lost someone will this flight, breathe. Consult with those of Flight 370. Both groups can help each other with the pain that each group has and feels. Do not get angry. Laugh, reminisce, cry, share. And last but not lest, don’t forget. Do not give up. Fight for that voice that has fallen silent. Your cries of pain and anger are being felt worldwide! Let the World express anger for you while you mourn. This situation makes you think if this is what happened over 4 months earlier.


12 07 2014

So you thought that you could try and go undetected?? Nice try but you failed at that shit! But I’m about to put this page back on lockdown. “But why would he do that if he wanted me to read it though??” You need understand one thing though. I only wanted you to read the one post that was concerning your attempts to try to fix a problem that should have been corrected last year!, BUT WAS NOT! Something that should not have happened at all at either time! You don’t understand how bad that makes you look. How you just don’t care about what anybody says when they get a bad experience at your store! And how you feel that you shouldn’t go above and beyond to try and fix the problem on both levels so that this shit doesn’t ever happen again! See your problem is that you’re not focused on the right things. You don’t care about anyone but your feeble attempts to try and get rich, which is going to be one of your greatest downfalls of all time! So hope you enjoyed the short burst of me posting things on here cause it has come to an end. You had many attempts to fix things but you choose not to. Yeah I’m sure that it is getting tiresome and all, BUT unfortunately I’m right in all of this. Think about it. What would happen if you apologized to the people that you hurt? To the people that you hurt with your lies, with your deception?? And not just me but with EVERYONE that you did this to? Sure some will forgive while others won’t, but you don’t know until you try! When you go about fixing your mistakes or fuck-ups, at the end of doing so, do you know what the first thing you will notice??? How easier it is to breathe. The feeling that you wished that you had done this sooner. That you may make a new friend or ally OR you may not. How you don’t have to stress over something that is small YET be so big that you can’t think straight. How it effects everything with your life. But yet that’s one of the many things that you lack as a person. Courage….balls….nobility….understanding. “Why can’t he take his own advice??” See I didn’t fuck up and lie. What you did was not an honest mistake on your part. No. You purposely intended to cause harm AND damage to me, not only physically, but mentally, financially, socially and spiritually and more. Think about it. How would you feel if someone did the things that you did to me to you?? To your marriage??? To your shopping experience??? See another problem that you have is that you don’t understand what it’s like to actually work for every cent that you earn. You don’t understand how much effort, how much work goes into a relationship (whether it’s a personal relationship or a business relationship). Into a friendship. You’re conceded. You’re spoiled. You and everybody in your entire family. So my question is this……….Are you ready to start apologizing??? Think about. Think about what I said, about how easier it would be for everyone. You got two choices. Take this advice with a grain of salt or just brush it off. Give it the cold shoulder. BUT I will say this though. I am more respected by everyone that knows me for my honesty and lack of lies than the people who know you. I don’t make sense??? Please, you’re not digesting this info right. If you were honest and less of a liar then your employees would not lie to you. Would not try to destroy your reputation. They would have respect for you. Your friends would be much more closer. You would actually have a marriage. Kids who love you more than anything in the world. Customers who would shout from the rooftops about your store. Who would bring in so much business that you would be swamped 7 days a week, from open to close. That you would have double to triple the profits, each and every time. But you’re not honest to anyone. You’re not truthfully apologetic to anyone. Keep going down the path that you’re going and by 2018, Scout: Dry Goods & Trade will not be in business. Think about it. See I just can’t let this be “water under the bridge.” It’s too heavy on my mind and shoulders to just let it slide by. I can’t. It’s something that God won’t allow. The same God that you supposedly acknowledge and worship. So you can apologize in person or not. But until you do, there will not be anymore of this blog. You know where to find me in Virginia, which I’m sure you already know. So until then, bye bye bitch.

You know…

12 07 2014


You know you’re about stupid as fuck posting some shit like that on your page. That doesn’t look good for you. Maybe I should make a call Monday pertaining to this. #sucksforyou

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