21 06 2014

So yesterday I powered on the G5 for the first time after hooking up the DVI/HDMI cable to it. Hooked it up to my huge ass monitor. Hehehehe. (It’s actually a big ass television that I’m using for a monitor.) Turned it on and the thing was warming up. Let me tell ya that those things are not quiet!! They’re louder than your normal desktop computer! At one point in time, I thought that it was going to explode because of the noise. It’s like revving up a car and knowing that you’re close to your rev limit when it makes that noise. Well the thing didn’t explode which was good. Well I couldn’t get the screen to appear on the tv. Had it hooked up right and tuned to the proper channel. It’s an HDMI for Pete’s sake. You plug it into the back of the tv and BAM! you have your computer screen. Then you turn the tv to the HDMI channel (1 of 2) and you should see it. For me, nothing. So I took out the Terabyte drive and then restarted it. Nothing. At that point I was like….”What the fuck??!” Well then it dawned on me. I’ve got the cable going to the innie DVI port. Not the outtie one. Technically it’s called a ADC port on the video card. So now I’ve got to buy one of those for my computer.



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