25 04 2014

So about 30 minutes ago or so, I woke up (still trying to get my sleep habits back on track). Had this crazy dream. I THINK it might have transitioned at least once. There was so much details to absorb that it definitely got weird. Vice President of the United States was there. A woman by the name of Dr. Rebecca Lett was there. (My old principal from the days of elementary and middle schools) And how she knew about the Omaha incident with me. She sat there and basically flat out brought that shit out and accused me of actually being that type of person. I was disgusted by that notion and confused as well for how did she know about this?? Who told her this?? Then supposedly I’m in another room for X amount of time. Then I’m somewhere else. So much details. So much information. I’ve never had this type of dream before.



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