Weird dream

14 04 2014

Just woke up from a short nap. Well the dream that I had was weird if not odd.  So in this dream I’m at a picnic table. It’s the type that use to be plastic with a tubular frame, but this had wood in place of the plastic. I’m chilling there when an old white guy says some shit. Well I was on my Tumblr looking at some pics, nudie pics that is!! Hahahahaha. I look over my right to see this fucker looking over at me. He’s standing on something because he’s behind an old wood fence. Fucker’s got a mostly white beard. Well next thing you know, he’s right behind me! Damn! Well I turn on the bench to face the fence. Well this other white fucker comes along, sees me on my phone which has somewhat switched from being an iPhone 5 to some other shit, asks “Can I borrow your phone and go down the road to use it??” “Shit!, I don’t know you!” “I can’t trust you, so no!” I get up to leave. The tables (now there’s two of them) are now on a slight incline. So I walk towards the guy who asked to use my phone. He tells me that he’s gonna take my phones. Now I’m holding two phones. He tries to take em, but realizes that I’ve got a grip on both of them. So then I go to chase after him (even though he didn’t get them) and I have this need to bite him. To bite him on the arm for trying to steal my shit. Well I catch up to him and sure enough I bite him on his right arm. Now I go to leave and there’s still light outside. It’s now late in the evening. Well I’m now walking down this brick sidewalk. Red bricks, not the fake ones either. There’s pine trees scattered about. There were some when I was at the two picnic tables. So I’m walking when I approach this strip mall. “Wait I know this little strip.” “I’m in Omaha????!” “What the hell??!” “Why am I in Omaha??” Well I look at my phone (which has strangely turned into my old LG phone. Well I look at the screen and it says that it’s 7:00am, on a weekday. Then why is the lights in the Labor Ready office off?? There wasn’t anyone outside. I look to the left towards the street (because I’m right at the office) and I see a bunch of people there. There’s this one white, bald guy who makes a mention about me. Something dealing with my suspension or something along that lines. I’m thinking to myself. “Oh you must be fucking Monica now!” Well there’s a bunch of other people that I supposedly know talking damn near all at once. I make the remark that I was going to South Omaha, to see someone. To see a woman. Denying to these people their reason as to why I was in the neighborhood. Then I woke up.



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