3 04 2014

So in the last 3 weeks that I was in Omaha, I lost 25 pounds. The first week I walked 63 miles. That’s 127,550 steps. 6,936 calories. Second week I walked 52 miles. 99,272 steps, 5,732 calories burned. Third week 70.6 miles walked. 124,800 steps stepped. Lol. 7,751 calories burned. Now the next numbers are only partial numbers. Meaning that these are only dealing with the activity that happened in Omaha. So for March 29th, 30th, and 31st, I walked 59.2 miles. Took 114,547 steps. And burned 6,500 calories. I didn’t have a chance nor a way to weigh myself in Omaha. But as soon as I got back home to Virginia, BAM! Weighed myself and was shocked! I used to do this back home in Germany. Volksmarches. I got medals and badges for all those that I did.



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