30 04 2014

What I’ve been working on lately. Gotta brainstorm some more on Partition.




The Smooth Seduction of JeiMir Savy

29 04 2014

1.) Runway Passion

2.) Los Angeles Desires

3.) California Passions

4.) Late Night Creep

5.) 405



28 04 2014

One time!

Ohhh I can make you act out/make ya like my favorite porn star/Do this, let me see how far/you’ll go/Go ahead, and grab ahold/One Time!/Oooooooo/Let’s see if you’ll do this/outside/in the backyard/By the pool/On the hood of my car/Ooooooo let’s do this (do this, do this)/Let’s see if we act like a….fool/Oooooooo/Do this, until our bodies are cold/……..

Harper Lee

28 04 2014

Happy Birthday Harper Lee. And thank you for that wonderful, all time classic To Kill a Mockingbird. Can still remember reading that book for the very first time back in December 2007. And because of you, I came up with the sequel to your book. A Summer with Scout. Thank you so much and Happy Birthday young lady. Happy Birthday Scout.


26 04 2014

Yep today is 4/26/2014. Better known as 4/26, or 426. Four Hundred and Twenty Six cubic inches! Also Known As…the Big Block Hemi! One of the greatest engines that has ever been made! There’s the 5.2 liter 318! The 8.0 liter 488 V-10 Viper! The 6.0 liter 426 Hemi! And then there’s the fourth greatest engine out there! The engine that I designed! What is it??? Just wait! It’s the baddest engine that has ever been designed/thought of and built!

16 months

25 04 2014

So now it’s been 16 months since I’ve had a cigarette. And you know what’s real bad??? There are two other people in my house that smoke! So I am extremely proud of myself for not smoking. Not mention you have to have a job in order to support a habit.

So Kelly

25 04 2014

Well Kelly either this is you or this is Marlo. Now my questions are as follow. 1.) If this is you than why an iTouch?? Can’t be a iPod nano. 2) If this isn’t you and it’s Marlo, then why is she looking at my blog?? You know that I have writings on here that are not suitable for a 10 year old child. Not suitable for ANY child for that matter. Whether it’s sexual language and or acts or whether it’s profane/ vulgar language. A child should not be viewing my blog. Now my other WPee blog would be fine, but I’m not using that one right now. I’m not writing two different styles or whatever. 3.) If it is Mars than why is she looking at my blog??? Did you tell her to?? Maybe you screwed up by leaving Safari open to my page or had it tabbed and left the iMac or iPhone or iPad for a moment and Mars comes across my blog in Safari. What’s really odd is this is not the first time within the last 9-10 months that I’ve gotten a hit from this iPod either. So what gives?? Hmmmmm? What really gets me is the fact that I didn’t get any hits on WordPress yesterday at ALL! I went to one of my trackers and saw Omaha about a half a dozen times or more. All of them from ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️, so my question is how the hell did you or her go stealth mode with this??









25 04 2014

So about 30 minutes ago or so, I woke up (still trying to get my sleep habits back on track). Had this crazy dream. I THINK it might have transitioned at least once. There was so much details to absorb that it definitely got weird. Vice President of the United States was there. A woman by the name of Dr. Rebecca Lett was there. (My old principal from the days of elementary and middle schools) And how she knew about the Omaha incident with me. She sat there and basically flat out brought that shit out and accused me of actually being that type of person. I was disgusted by that notion and confused as well for how did she know about this?? Who told her this?? Then supposedly I’m in another room for X amount of time. Then I’m somewhere else. So much details. So much information. I’ve never had this type of dream before.

Just now

24 04 2014

Oh man, I feel good now. Look at the pictures below and read them.







24 04 2014



You can call me Jobs, Steve Jobs Jr.

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