This morning

30 03 2014

Well this morning I was on my way back down to South O. I was walking down 24th, not too far from Woolworth Ave, when a sharp pain shot through my left foot. “What the fuck?!” “I don’t need this shit!” So I come across a ledge that I can sit and take off my shoe to see what was wrong. The bandage and gauze that I placed on my foot to cushion the growing blister was still in place. I did notice some moisture in the sock and thought that the blister near the heal (which was the one that was hurting) had burst or popped. Nope. Okay. So I touch the spot and pain shot out. “Shit!” So I dug into my Carhartt pockets to see what I could use. “Hmm a wash rag.” “That should be soft enough to help soften the blow.” So I folded it up to give me the most cushioning possible. I slipped the sock back over and go to put the shoe back on. “Nope, not going to work.” So I go about reworking the thickness to which I get the same results, not gonna fit. “Crap.” So I reach into my pockets again and pull out some more napkins. I fold some of those up and place on the spot and then slip my shoe back. Still got pain but am able to walk. So then I decide that I’m just not going to go back down to South Omaha. Sure it helps to kill the time but fuck! it’s a fucking journey. So now I’m gonna have to find a new spot to crash at. I’ve got to take it easy on my foot while I can.



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